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Materials needed:

Manual of the manufacturer;
original box or carton ;






boxes and cartons

packaging material;
Colorful sticky notes;
Marker pens;
Self-adhesive bags

1. First check the “instructions for use and / or the owner’s manual” for specific requirements and instructions. If you lost them, make sure that you find the information you are looking at the website of manufacturers and make a note and put in box – whether in the form of advice or an online version of the manual can be found.

2. If your appliances contain toner or ink cartridge, remove them and store them in a sealed envelope, along with the electronics to which they belong. Remove any CD-minute, DVD-’s and similar computers, stereo or DVD-drives.

3. If you keep the original packaging of appliances, we recommend that they use when moving your home / office . If you have not saved, you can buy your necessary boxes and cartons on line

boxes and cartons

packaging material;
Colorful sticky notes;
Marker pens;
Self-adhesive bag

4. Buy colorful sticky notes that are large enough to be able to describe them on your equipment.

5. Before disconnecting the power supply, indicated by the colored petals which cable wire with which and to which output is connected.

6. We recommend using a regimen of letters and numbers which describe additional sheet and give a copy of it to the movers to help you with your relocation.

7. After turning off the power supply and retract the cable, make sure that they are packed well and not liable to get wet during removal.

8. When packing electronics, the use of antistatic extruded polystyrene balls and protivoudaren packaging material is required. Never use materials that conduct electricity, to avoid damage to the electronics during the movement.

9. Disassemble the electronics of its possible components and pack them tightly using antistatic extruded polystyrene beads, scotch tape and protivoudarniya packaging material.

10. Place a thick layer of the same protivudaren packaging material and the bottom of the box, which will carry electronics.

11. Fill the remaining space with extruded polystyrene beads to prevent displacement during the time.

12. Remember when sealing the box to put the note “Fragile” and draw an arrow to indicate the lid of the box.

Note: CD-th and the hardware can not tolerate high temperatures. If you have sensitive electronics, consider whether you could not take it with you in your hand luggage during the movement.

Jenny asks…

What are some basic tips for Skyrim so i don’t die excessively and look like a noob?

This will be my second RP game (my first was Knights of the Old Republic A LONG TIME AGO).
I want to make the most out of my experience in Skyrim and i don’t want to overlook certain things. I have googled “Skyrim Basic Tips” but i get complete extensive guides that give away information that i’d rather find myself in-game.

I want some hints

admin answers:

If you are playing a warrior type, an important thing to do so that you dont die is to block attacks effectively. Many players just attack without blocking and they dies all the time. But if you learn to use block you will survive many more fights in skyrim

Mandy asks…

Fast ways to level up your person in skyrim?

I want buy more training but i have already bought my limit for my current level. Can anyone help or give any tips?

admin answers:

Try leveling up your lowest skills because it doesn’t take much to make them jump up 3-5 levels at a if you don’t use block and its level 20 you can make it go up quickly.if your at level 15 or higher and haven’t gotten the oghma infinium book,you could use that glitch if your into can check youtube for lots of videos for that.just a hint,paying for training after level 51 starts getting really expensive,then i think after level 76 it jumps way up again to about $4500 and keeps climbing.hope this helps.

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George asks…

Tailgating tips- What are some tailgating tips or unique ideas for tailgating?

I would love to hear tips that make a tailgating experience easier, more enjoyable, or more interesting. Please no references to websites, I have looked up this subject on the web myself. I am asking for your personal tips and ideas.

admin answers:

Tailgating Tips From The Pros

Here are the best tips from professional tailgaters on how to throw the perfect tailgate party yourself, as well as tips to help you become the ultimate tailgater:

Make a Tailgating Checklist

To ensure nothing gets left at home, make a list of things you need to take to the tailgate party. Be sure to put your game tickets on the list too!

Have a Tailgating Theme

Think up a creative theme for your tailgate. If it’s Thanksgiving, bring a turkey. If it’s Christmas, bring a tree. Or, base your theme and decorations on the opponent. For example, you might have Cajun food against the Saints, Philly cheese steaks against the Eagles, or fish against the Dolphins.

Dress for the Occasion

Dress appropriately for several hours outdoors — and be prepared for drastic temperature changes.
And don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes.

Show Some Tailgating Team Spirit

Show your team spirit… Wear team colors. Tailgaters are usually the biggest and best fans! After all, to become the ultimate tailgater, you’ll want to stir up some tailgater’s envy!

Timing is Everything

Get there early. You’ll want to arrive 3-4 hours before game time to beat the crowd and claim your turf. And, plan to stay late so as to not miss a moment of the post-game enthusiasm.

Location, Location, Location

Set up your tailgate party near a grassy area, or bring a roll of Astroturf to set up at the end of the row — for a more comfortable atmosphere with lots of room to socialize. Parking at the end of a row can also give you more partying space.

Tailgating in Parking Lots

Serious tailgaters choose a parking lot that has a view of the stadium if on-site parking is not available. Since the stadium is your Mecca, you need to be able to see it so you can bow to it occasionally.

Mark Your Spot At The Tailgating Party

A flag or team pennant on a tall pole helps people locate the party and makes a statement of team spirit.

Seating Arrangements

Don’t worry about bringing chairs for everyone. Those who want to sit will bring their own chairs.

Generating Power

Serious tailgaters bring a small generator for powering a TV, stereo system or electric space heater during cold weather games.

Timing the Eats

Make sure your food is ready 1 to 2 hours before game time, so you have enough time to eat, clean up and find your seat in the stadium.

Put out the Fire

If you’re using a charcoal grill, bring along extra water to douse the embers and a plastic garbage bag to put the cold coals in.

Be Smokey’s Best Friend

Make sure that you have some way of extinguishing and throwing away your hot coals. Whatever you do, dispose of firewood or charcoal briquettes properly. Some stadiums have a designated place for hot ashes, but do not dump them in the grass or in trash bins.
Garbage In, Garbage Out

Bring your own lawn-size trash bags, because there never seem to be enough garbage receptacles on hand.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

The next time you plan to tailgate, here are some tips for you to remember:

Select food that can either be cooked ahead and transported to the event, or cooked there on a grill.
Follow food safety precautions when it comes to transporting food. Keep cold food cold (40 degrees or lower) and hot food hot (140 degrees and above) to avoid food poisoning.
If you plan to bring alcoholic beverages, check with the stadium first to make sure it’s permitted.
Don’t forget to bring bottle openers and corkscrews, if necessary.
At the very minimum you’ll need a large, heavy cloth on which to spread out the food. All the better if you can bring a table to go under the cloth.
Pack disposable plates and cups. Who wants to do the dishes after having so much fun?
Be prepared to clean up after yourself. That includes putting any leftovers you plan to keep in cold storage, throwing away your trash in available trash cans or bags that you’ve brought along, and safely dispose of any hot coals from your grill. Don’t leave a hot grill unattended if you’re heading in to the event.
Bring paper towels or wet wipes to help with clean-up before, during and after your tailgate.
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

How to Throw a Tailgate Party

1.Put on every bit of clothing you own with your team’s insignia on it. You cannot go overboard here. Face paint in your team’s colors is always a nice touch.

2.Decorate your truck, van or sports utility vehicle (see “How To Decorate Your Vehicle for a Tailgate Party”), making sure to put a flag on your antennae so that your friends can find you.

3.Pack your ice chest with lots of hamburgers and hotdogs to grill, buns and condiments (see “How to Pack for a Tailgate Party”) along with plenty of beer. If it is cold, you may want to make a batch of tailgate tumblers (see “How To Make A Tailgate Tumbler”) before you leave and bring them along in a thermos.

4.Pack your BBQ grill, charcoal, lighter fluid and spatula. If you really want to show off your team spirit, you can get a helmet grill or NFL cooler with your team’s logo on it.

5.Order a party-in-a-box, including plates, napkins, cups, cover and snack bowl, with your team’s insignia on it

6.Bring a portable radio, and set it up on top of your vehicle so that you can hear pregame interviews or keep track of the other games going on.

7.Bring a portable radio, and set it up on top of your vehicle so that you can hear pregame interviews or keep track of the other games going on.

8.After a few drinks, wander around until you find John Madden’s bus – wave and yell, “Hi, John,” at the tinted windows.


1.Prepack your ice chest and cooler as much as possible the night before to save time when you’re heading out for the game in the morning.

2.If the forecast calls for rain, pack up your patio table with the big umbrella. You don’t want to let a little weather ruin your party.

3.Just because you couldn’t get tickets to the game – or your team’s on the road ‘ doesn’t mean you can’t have a tailgate party at home. Park your truck in front of your house or in the driveway, and decorate every square inch of it. Drag your television (with a long extension cord) and chairs out onto the lawn.

David asks…

What are some easy beauty tips that really make a difference?

Any tips on ways to make yourself look really different and better ?

admin answers:

Check out my website – great tips and info:

if you want any more info, email me at [email protected] and I’ll email you back ASAP!

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Mary asks…

A dark FICTION book with violence/fantasy and twists and/or unique language and a philosophical message?

I meant fiction on my other question, sorry guys >_ Books I like include a Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, Coraline by Neil Gaiman, Sabriel by Garth Nix, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, and Dinosaur With An Attitude by Hanna Johansen. Any recommendations?

admin answers:

The Heart of Darkness by Conrad
Notes from the Underground by Dostoevsky
Moby Dick by Melville
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
The Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne
Edgar Allen Poe’s works
1984 by Orwell
The poem Manfred by Byron
As I Lay Dying by Faulkner
The Stranger by Camus
The Raw Shark Texts by Stephen Hall
Stories by H.P. Lovecraft
Robert E. Howard’s Conan books (he was the original creator)
The Dark Tower, The Dark Half, and pretty much everything by Stephen King.

Also, check out what is called Dark Romanticism and Gothic Literature. I also enjoy dark fiction and fantasy.

Joseph asks…

Why would previous evidence in a Trial be withheld from a jury?

The Trial I am spcefically wriyng about is that of Robert Howard who was charged with the abduction and Murder of N,Irish teenager Arlene Arkinson. During the Trial the jury did not know that Howard was serving a life sentence for the rape and murder of 14-year-old Hanna Williams from Deptford, south London.Her body was found in a cement works in Northfleet, Kent, in March 2002.

Who would have decided to withhold this previous evidence (defence or prosecution), what is the legal precedent for it. I am sure it was so that it would compromise a fair trial, but isnt the prosecution entitled to disclose this to a jury also and why would they not object to non disclosure?

admin answers:

Obviously the defense wouldn’t want the jury to know their client previously killed a 14 year old. I’m not 100% sure about laws in the UK, but the evidence was most likely withheld for two reasons

1. The evidence was “substantially more prejudicial than probative”

2. The English rules of evidence might specifically exclude evidence of past crimes (with certain exceptions)

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Ken asks…

I have to ask about major tips in losing weight?

Good am to all. I am just asking help or tips in losing weight. I am now second year college and I weight around 90KG I think its overweight, I feel so heavy, Can I ask tips on what to do, what eat, and what to take? I just wanna lose my weight back to around 70-75KG. And how Can I avoid food, Its really hard to avoid it.

admin answers:

I can definitely help. First and foremost, you have to have a clean diet. Without a proper diet, you will have a hard time losing weight. Diet makes up roughly 90% of the battle. Don’t be that person at the gym who busts their tail off yet allows the hard work to go down the drain b/c they eat like crap.

That being said, what foods to eat?

Stick to a more lean protein/green veggie diet. Lean protein sources include chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, egg whites, lean beef such as sirloin, cottage cheese etc. The majority of your carbs should come from leafy greens such as asparagus, broccoli, kale, salad etc. Green veggies are very low in carb, full of fiber and are slower digesting.

Stay away from refined carbs. Refined carbs are your white breads, white pasta etc. Eat whole grains but in moderation such as brown rice. Even though brown rice is superior to white rice, you still need to monitor your carbs so have these grains more on workout days for energy and adjust accordingly.

Workout wise, a combination of free weights and cardio 3-4 times a week is optimal. Weight lifting helps burn more calories at rest. If you need more tips on losing weight, come check out my youtube channel below. I have healthy recipes, workouts and diet tips, all free advice! You won’t be disappointed! Link below and best of luck!

Mandy asks…

Does anyone have any easy or fast tips to losing weight?

Does anyone have any easy or fast tips to losing weight?
I really want real answers.
I know that I should exercise but is there ways so I won’t be so exhausted. Do you get what I mean?

Are there any healthy diets?
If so can you give me some?

admin answers:

It’s easy and free!

Drink more water… You can use a water bottle and refill it through out the day. But drink about 4-6 bottles of water during the day
this will keep you hydrated, full and flush out your system

no fast food, boxed food (freezer food that comes in a box), or junk food, soda and candy. OK, you can have some, just not everyday!

If you cook meals at home do that instead of buying meals. Use fresh ingredients. It’s cheaper and healthier.

Run a few times a week. Even 10-15min every other day of easy jogging.


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Susan asks…

How do restaurants make french toast without the egg batter?

Whenever I get french toast at a restaurant, they make it perfect without the egg batter. How can I do that at home?

admin answers:

You are mistaken. There is always egg batter on french toast.

The guy that was talking about using pancake batter was wrong but he was on the right track.

My mother in law adds a small pinch of bisquick to her french toast mix. It just makes it a bit fluffier, but it is still mostly eggs.

Mark asks…

How do you make your french toast?

I want to make French toast for breakfast tomorrow and was looking for some different recipes and opinions. What ingredients do you use in your French toast and how much of what? Thanks. ☺

admin answers:

Here is a delicious and easy recipe for cinnamon french toast.


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