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Monthly Archives: February 2014

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Lisa asks…

What are some helpful tips on quitting smoking?

I know it’s very hard to quit smoking due to the nicotine addiction.

tantan answers:

Mom tried for years to quit. She quit with hypnosis in the end and never looked back. Since addiction is something created in the mind, if you can get a hypnosis pack that deals with your addiction you’re all set.

The site below does mp3′s of hypnosis sessions. Basically just sit back, relax, listen to the session, and watch your addiction melt away effortlessly. I use them alot for my personal development stuff, and they’re excellent.

Hope that helps!

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Donald asks…

HELP!Since I put something with some palmolive in the dishwasherI cant get it to run w/o overflowing w bubbles

Ive tried taking all of the dishes and the rack out but there is no use. this is the third time and this time no dishes at all were in it! what do i do?

tantan answers:

This is [email protected] this is just a help full tip . Vinegar is a dulling agent so mixed with soap will cut soap. Try this in your sink first,so you can see. And ammonia is another. But dishwasher manufactures ,reccomend once a week putting vinegar in your machine to keep it clean.i have aa dish washer also .it works. If need to apply a couple of times. It won’t hurt your machine. If you are in question ask your reputable dealer or repair man. 9 hoping this will be of great help to you. Ramona

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Here are a few more tips to help with your automobile:

Plan ahead — Join an automobile club, especially if you drive a lot and/or if your car is several years old. Keep the following on hand: owner’s manual, key information on insurance and automobile club membership, maps, change for parking meters, flashlight, knife/penknife, pen/pencil and pad, lighter/matches, first-aid kit, emergency tool kit, water, nuts/granola bars/candy, tissues, sunglasses, extra pair of glasses/magnifying glass, plastic head-covering, umbrella and blanket. A cell phone can be a lifesaver — provided service is available.

Establish your I.D. — Drop your business card or other form of I.D. down the window slot, should you need to prove the car belongs to you some day. To establish ownership of a bicycle, roll the card around a pencil and insert it into the bicycle frame under the seat.

Save time and energy — To avoid the chore of scraping your windshield in freeze-up conditions, place your rubber floor mats on the windshield and secure them with the wipers.

Halt corrosion — Corrosion-proof your battery by scrubbing the terminals and holder with a toothbrush dipped in a weak solution of baking soda and water; grease lightly with petroleum jelly. At the end of the winter, remove salt residue from the carpeting in your car with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water.

Fit into a tight spot — A ball suspended strategically from the ceiling of the garage can help you avoid smashing into the back or side wall or closing the garage door over the trunk of the car.

Prevent lock freeze-up — Wipe or spray the rubber gaskets of your locks with a heavy coating of vegetable oil to seal out water without harming the gaskets.

Get free traction — Always keep a bag of sand and a shovel in the trunk of your car in the winter (in addition to an ice scraper and snow brush). A bag of kitty litter can also be useful; it provides excellent traction over ice and snow. In a pinch, use your rubber mats to gain traction.

Avoid a service call — If your car will not start on a cold morning, try blowing hot air from a hairdryer on your carburetor.

Avoid another service call — If your car locks are frozen, heat your key with a cigarette lighter or match; turn it in the lock very gently, without forcing. Always keep an extra key in a magnetized box stuck on the car’s underside.

Always remember that just like a house or condominium, a car is one of your assets, sometimes a valuable one, and should be treated as such!

Visit Clever Clarissa’s website for tons of Household Tips []. Make sure to sign up to Clarissa’s Newsletter for more tips, advice and recommendations.

Thomas asks…

Me and my wife are from singapore and we are planning to move to Vancouver canada, tips?

My wife is a muslim girl and i was wondering in Vancouver do they sell muslim food there? In vancoure do the people hate muslim girls?

tantan answers:

Canada is a very open country and acceptable to races & religions. There is large Indian population in Canada including the west coast with Hindis and Muslims. She will not be hated unless she gives a reason to. It does have a large Asian population as well with Chinese, Hong Kong, Vietnamese, etc.. People living there.

It is cooler weather, higher cost of living, and not the availability of the cheap food courts with variety. But they do have lots of stores where it should be possible to purchase a lot of food more for the Muslim diet, you will have to do some research on it. Some things like spices, 3-in-1 coffee, coconut milk, etc.. That are canned and dry you might want to stock up on and have packed so it is available for you because it might not be available or if it is it will be a lot more expensive.

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Linda asks…

How can I make this hole in this glass bigger? With a drill?

Ok, so I have this nice little piece of glassware for smoking tobacco, the only problem is that the hole is too small for it to function properly. I don’t have a diamond tip drill piece, only a regular one. But considering there is already a hole there and I basically just want to grind off the edge, will a normal drill bit work? Thanks in advance!

tantan answers:

No its extremely risky and not worth the risk at all! Just the slightest catch of the drill bit and it will crack the glass.

I suggest a sand paper which will take a long time or buying a new one

even a diamond tip drill bit won’t work! Glass comes in the size it is made for a reason! It can’t be altered.

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Steven asks…

How do you make pumpkin seeds?

LOL i know i sound like an idiot, but i just got done carving a pumpkin and we want to cook the pumpkin seeds, how do we do it? thanks!

tantan answers:

Here is a step by step that we use with seasoning ideas :

1 ) remove seeds from squash or pumpkin
2 ) rinse seeds in colander
3 ) allow to dry
4 ) spray seeds with cooking spray ( canola and olive work best )
5 ) choose a seasoning ; salt & pepper , garlic powder & salt , old bay seasoning , chili powder and salt , cinnamon & sugar or nutmeg , cloves , allspice , etc. You get the idea here
6 ) toss seeds and seasonings
7 ) preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake
8 ) bon appetite

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