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Household tips

Household tips

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Refrigerators in the age of frozen food


Refrigerators in the age of frozen foods and continuous cooling of foods is of great importance. Not only in summer drinks to be cooled. Above all opened boxes of FOOD SUFF, such as butter or milk are kept in the refrigerator. Refrigerators are in the kitchen have become indispensable as household appliances. In fitted kitchens is often a built-in refrigerator to be found, which is in the furniture, usually integrated ina separate cabinet.Fridge freezer combinations can be found here as well as built-in appliances. Who has set up his dwelling in the American style, will not want to renounce his U.S. refrigerator. The device is not cheap, but real fans can thereby be deterred from buying not. Anyone who intends for his house to purchase multiple refrigerators, for example, kitchen, utility room, office and / or party room, should make a price comparison in each case.

Refrigerators in the age of frozen food








Refrigerators in the age of frozen food In online shops can often save this regard and inexpensive to purchase a refrigerator.Even if the fridge is low, it must meet certain security requirements. He should switch off in case of overheating to self protection, for example. The newer refrigerators are also in terms of energy consumption consume less power than their predecessors and therefore protect the environment and the wallet of the customers. The energy efficiency class A is the most economical. Modern refrigerators or refrigerator freezers often hold still for more than ten hours, the cooling upright when the power goes out or the unit is defective.

Kitchen equipment  in a modern kitchen

Kitchen equipment  in a modern kitchen A fridge freezer  if the household is to be equipped with a sensible cooling and freezing system for space reasons or due to the number of persons. The fridge freezer provides two functions in one device.Is once cooled by the built-in refrigerator. The unit freezes in a separate freezer or freezer also very sensitive foods. A fridge freezer can be purchased as a built-in device in a kitchen. Especially with a fridge freezer, make sure that the power consumption, because here you can save on efficiency class A lot of energy. It is advantageous if the fridge freezer has two separate motors. If a motor times out, the other device can still be used and the food not to thaw or spoil. The establishment of a kitchen in apartment or house requires a sensible planning. The size of the kitchen gives, how can find many household appliances in their place. The Kühlgefrierkombination particularly high in popularity in single-person households: The demand for frozen options is lower than in a multi-family household and it is also inexpensive compared to the purchase of two devices. A comparison of prices on the internet offering cheap opportunity to gain an overview of the various offers. The advice before buying a fridge freezer is a good idea so that the customer is sure not only an economical but also to acquire a high quality fridge freezer.

fridge freezer

fridge freezer


kitchen equipment  in a modern kitchen?

  Looking for a suitable kitchen should already be considered ahead of time what kitchen appliances are to be installed. Especially when considering buying a kitchen, it is advantageous if the same all built-in appliances to be scheduled, so the visual impact of the new kitchen can be made ​​ideal. In any case, a fitted kitchen, a should oven and a hob belong. This can be very convenient nowadays placed, for example, the oven at eye level and the hob on the worktop at the appropriate place. hood is also necessary and practical, so that may still be sufficiently illuminates the cooking area as well.A dishwasher is a very practical purchase – no matter how big the budget is.Even the refrigerator is standard fitted kitchen. The consideration of whether a microwave oven is already scheduled as built or used as a single device on the work surface, should also previously been done. In the further establishment of a fitted kitchen to kitchen machine , a toaster , a coffee maker or even a coffee maker are standard. For this purpose, should be scheduled enough space. A waffle iron is a great device, especially when children in the household. Similarly, a is kettle a very handy kitchen utensil.If the refrigerator has a built-in cooler compartment, it is nevertheless useful to consider buying an extra freezer thinking. Especially in a multi-person household, it is a great advantage if sufficient capacity to freeze options is available. Naturally, also other devices can be accommodated in the kitchen.For example, if the bathroom is relatively small and the kitchen for it accordingly spacious, also can be quite washing machine or tumble dryer in the kitchen are placed.

HOUSEHOLD TIPS]Much time and money can be saved by using everyday household products to solve common household problems. Besides being cheap and effective, they are also much more environmentally friendly.

1. Stubborn stains on pots and pans are normal problems in most household which can be removed by boiling a cup of water together with two tablespoons of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar in the stained pots and pans for about twenty minutes.

2. Stubborn coffee stains in mugs can be removed by placing the mug with some vinegar in it in the microwave for about a minute or two.

3. Cars with stained fabric upholstery can be unsightly. To remove them, one can just dab some shaving cream on it. Then, rub and wipe away the shaving cream with a clean, damp cloth.

4. Storing chillies in freezers immediately after purchasing them will make them last longer.

5. A limp-looking stick of celery does not look appetizing. Placing the celery in ice water together with a peeled and sliced raw potato for about thirty minutes will make it look fresh once again.

6. Price tags or stickers on items bought at the supermarket leaves a sticky stain if not removed properly. The stickers or price tags can be easily removed by applying some vinegar over it and wiping it away five minutes later. Putting them in the freezer for a while works just a well.

7. Blunt sewing needles can be sharpened just by stitching through sandpaper. This also applies to blunt scissors which can be sharpened by cutting through sandpaper.

8. Dull looking aluminium pots and pans can be brightened up just by boiling a few pieces of apple peels in them.

9. Many people are concerned about their dry lips. Try applying a warm teabag to cleaned lips for five minutes. This will help to retain the moisture in the lips, resulting in a smoother appearance.

10. Ever wondered whether the eggs you are using is really fresh? Worry no more. To test for freshness, just submerge the eggs one at a time in a big bowl of water. If the egg floats, that means it is stale. If it stands upright on its pointed end, it is not fresh either. The freshest eggs are those that lie flat at the bottom of the bowl of water.

11. To prevent tools from turning rusty in tool box, put in some mothballs or a piece of chalk.

12. Try removing stains made by ballpoint pens by using hairspray or milk.


Plan your wardrobe

Reorganize your closet several times a year, making sure seasonal items are most accessible. Keep within reach garments that you may require for a business trip, dressy evening, funeral, holiday in the sun in winter, skiing holiday in summer, etc. After leafing through fashion magazines, try on your entire wardrobe at the start of every season; decide what fits, what is in fashion, what goes with what and what purchases you need to make to update your look.

Discard whatever doesn’t look fabulous (keep what you may wear in future and swap/give away what you will not).

Keep things handy

Place the clothes you are most likely to wear (i.e., your weekday clothes) at the center of closet. Place your weekend wear and nightwear on either side , and place the clothes you are least likely to wear (i.e., evening clothes, off-season apparel and accessories) in the least accessible location.

Maximize space

Divide your closet in three sections according to garment length: 1) pants hanging from the waist or hem, men’s suits, dressing gowns and evening dresses; 2) women’s suits and dresses; 3) jackets, vests, blouses/shirts, folded pants, skirts.

Superimpose two hanging rods in at least one of those sections. Place your shoes in shelving units on the floor (as many shelves as your need/have room for). Place your sweaters, T-shirts, folded shirts, handbags, hats in shelving units installed above the hanging rods (if necessary, keep a stool handy).

Save time

Group garments by color to find things more quickly without confusing navy blue and black. If looking right is of primary importance, group your garments in ready-to-wear ‘ensembles’.

Use the right hangers

Hang your coats and suits on wood hangers of the appropriate size, hang pants and skirts with the matching jackets. Use padded hangers for delicate fabrics, knitwear, evening wear and nightwear. To save space, place garments you wear less often on multi pant and shirt hangers.

Be ready at all times

Make sure your clothes are always clean and pressed/ironed and be sure to make repairs, sew on buttons, polish shoes/bags as soon as you notice something needs doing.

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A car that is clean, that smells good, and that drives well is not only safer and more enjoyable for you and your family; it will also retain more of its value. You will be able to get more car for your dollars when you next upgrade your vehicle, so it is important to keep your investment in good shape!

Here are a few, low-cost tips to help keep your car in the best shape possible.

A winning routine – Check the windshield washer level, the engine oil level and the tire pressure on a regular basis and before going out-of-town or on a long journey. Replace the blades of your windshield wipers every year before the start of winter.

One-step wash – No matter how dirty your car is, simply wash it with a solution made from one cup of kerosene dissolved in one bucket of plain water. Wipe it thoroughly with a soft cloth and voilà! There is no need to rinse or wax. The treatment helps prevent rust and rainwater will actually bead off the car.

Kitchen aids – Sprinkle baking soda onto a damp sponge to remove dirt and grime from windows, headlights, chrome accessories and trims; rinse and dry. To remove dead insects from your windshield, rub it with a ball made from plastic net bags (the kind onions come in).

A cocktail of sticker removers – You have the choice of using nail polish remover, lighter fluid, lemon extract, salad oil or hot vinegar. Saturate, let set a while (if needed) and then gently scrape with a razor blade or a knife.

Speedy camouflage – Hide scratches and small nicks by delicately working a matching colour crayon into them. Remove tar spots by soaking them with raw linseed oil until soft; wipe with a soft cloth dampened with the oil.

Remember that as cars and trucks go, prevention is the key. An issue that could’ve cost $2 to fix may end up costing you $500 because you waited. So take the time to deal with little problems before they become big ones!

Visit Clever Clarissa’s website for tons of Household Tips []. Make sure to sign up to Clarissa’s Newsletter for more tips, advice and recommendations.

Here are a few more tips to help with your automobile:

Plan ahead — Join an automobile club, especially if you drive a lot and/or if your car is several years old. Keep the following on hand: owner’s manual, key information on insurance and automobile club membership, maps, change for parking meters, flashlight, knife/penknife, pen/pencil and pad, lighter/matches, first-aid kit, emergency tool kit, water, nuts/granola bars/candy, tissues, sunglasses, extra pair of glasses/magnifying glass, plastic head-covering, umbrella and blanket. A cell phone can be a lifesaver — provided service is available.

Establish your I.D. — Drop your business card or other form of I.D. down the window slot, should you need to prove the car belongs to you some day. To establish ownership of a bicycle, roll the card around a pencil and insert it into the bicycle frame under the seat.

Save time and energy — To avoid the chore of scraping your windshield in freeze-up conditions, place your rubber floor mats on the windshield and secure them with the wipers.

Halt corrosion — Corrosion-proof your battery by scrubbing the terminals and holder with a toothbrush dipped in a weak solution of baking soda and water; grease lightly with petroleum jelly. At the end of the winter, remove salt residue from the carpeting in your car with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water.

Fit into a tight spot — A ball suspended strategically from the ceiling of the garage can help you avoid smashing into the back or side wall or closing the garage door over the trunk of the car.

Prevent lock freeze-up — Wipe or spray the rubber gaskets of your locks with a heavy coating of vegetable oil to seal out water without harming the gaskets.

Get free traction — Always keep a bag of sand and a shovel in the trunk of your car in the winter (in addition to an ice scraper and snow brush). A bag of kitty litter can also be useful; it provides excellent traction over ice and snow. In a pinch, use your rubber mats to gain traction.

Avoid a service call — If your car will not start on a cold morning, try blowing hot air from a hairdryer on your carburetor.

Avoid another service call — If your car locks are frozen, heat your key with a cigarette lighter or match; turn it in the lock very gently, without forcing. Always keep an extra key in a magnetized box stuck on the car’s underside.

Always remember that just like a house or condominium, a car is one of your assets, sometimes a valuable one, and should be treated as such!

Visit Clever Clarissa’s website for tons of Household Tips []. Make sure to sign up to Clarissa’s Newsletter for more tips, advice and recommendations.

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