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Welcome to tips4you direction finder,  One of the best on-line information resource website

Welcome to, My resource is here to help make peoples life’s a little  easier, cheaper and a little bit better day by day.Just think of it as hints and tips from grandpa as a grandpa  is just what I happen to be nowadays.,,

 I’ll be doing be the best I can  by giving you the best tips hints and tricks,  , I have en-counted in my life’s travels an experiences And there’s been a lot for sure let me tell you  that,, So here goes I just hope I don’t bore you too much

Guess it really all started way back in the early  1960s, before I say anything else about this, ,First just let me fill in a little background for you, . I am what’s known as a army brat me mother was army sergeant father was a army top Sgt,   So I guess it is in my blood and I was always  going to serve ,

On a personal note like so many who served,and there family’s I dont recall the 1960s as a time of longing, And so called free love ,,But I was always proud to walk out in my uniform

OK  back to early 1963 my first job was working in a coal mine as a trainee miner  later  a coal-miner,  I did this for a few years ,But I knew it was not for me as soon as I reached the age and ticked all the right boxes ,I was in the Army at Boot Camp learning to be a grunt the path I was to follow for the next part of my life it was not long before I was fully fledged military grunt Serving my country  like my farther and his father before him this line goes way back to the 1800s and before. But sadly it seems to have ended with me.

Several years later

I found myself discharged

Out in the world being retrained
at the Governments expense
as a construction worker

specializing in Bricklaying
an House Building

I will skip the details
Now To shoot forward A few more years passed and this best forgotten
Dull and Unadventurous  time of my life Finally came to an end  with the breakdown of a awful marriage , At the time it was a hard and painful to break up ,Now looking back it was the best thing to happen to me Ever My Adventurous  Where About To Begin

I decided it was time to see the world to start doing  the adventurous  things that I’ve always wanted to do And I spent a considerable time over the next 15 years  living here and there in world

Doing the odd construction job ,running bars ,truck driving  and even god help me as a taxi driver, ,Plus  many things I don’t really think I should go into  So  for now I plan to leave my history  but I will use it now and then to put over the odd hint and tip ,  But I will say one more thing  to you my dear reader I do believe I have a lot to give to the hints and tips industry!

  • My blog is Fun, My heart and soul

  • My new adventure ps there will some rubbish posts on here for a time  till I have it redone please bear with me 

  • Please bear with me Yours Faithfully Ted   (served proudly)

  • Yours Faithfully Ted   (served proudly)


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