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Monthly Archives: April 2014

when expecting a baby


Who is expecting a baby in the near future,the main rule when expecting a baby . Everything has to be prepared, and also organized.This may well mean setting up a stressless room for baby ,if you do it right give a soothing and beautiful feeling.

Many parents are not sure how to set up the nursery. What color gets the wallpaper or to a motif wallpaper from? Where are the individual pieces of furniture are best placed? How many new furniture needs child? There are countless questions to be solved.when expecting a baby

More and more people are turning their house, and accordingly the nursery, according to Feng Shui a. For many, it is the fulfillment, while others can not do anything. Whether Feng Shui or not: It is important that the nursery is child-friendly furnishings and not just as parents would like.

The child needs to feel comfortable in it. Finally, it should be able to sleep soundly and enjoy there room. Above all, the nursery should be set up so that the child can neither sup set or hurt. So it must be must be secure and safe.when expecting a baby



when expecting a baby

Use the garden to relax
Relaxation in the garden
Relaxation in the garden as  everyday life of many people is always hectic, so they hardly come to rest. Gardening is increasingly recognized by managers as an effective means to leave the stress behind.and Use the garden to relax

Gardens have a long tradition of Relaxation in the garden
Centuries ago monastic communities have recognized the added value of gardening. They knew that plant care and harvesting not only to acquire food served, but also for the care of body and mind. Firstly, the often physically demanding work in the garden in the fresh air has been a valuable balance to the long sitting in the monastic writing rooms,

on the other hand, this type of work is still a meditative character. It breeds life, it looks come and go, and, during the work, although the body but less calls to mind dwell on his thoughts.

Monastery gardens are also offered in close conjunction with the herbal medicine. Many achievements of today’s world, as the knowledge about natural remedies or the Herblore go back to the traditional monastery gardens. In some congregations, the garden was used as a place of retreat. So you put in some convents the pin ladies small garden plots available, where there are small garden shed. Thither the women could retire for prayer contemplation.and  Relaxation in the garden

Active relaxation in your own garden
Only the face of extreme stress situations, some people have recognized this positive side effect of gardening for themselves again. You’ve learned the hard way how good it is, week after week to take a few hours in this microcosm back to watch him and to maintain. Many activities of gardening are characterized by repetitions,

such as digging or picking small berries. Almost alone of the inner dialogue is thereby interrupted and the stress falls. So if you feel drained, should, before buying expensive guide, rather devote gardening to get back to find relaxation.

Michael asks…

How to fix a broken toilet handle?

There is a plastic handle on the toilet that is used to flush it. It broke off I want to know if I can fix it my self or do I need a plumber. I have guest coming. Need help fast.

tantan answers:

Take the cover off of your tank and look inside. There on the back side of the flush handle you will see a nut. It is threaded backwards. Turn to the right rather than the left to remove it. Take all of the parts with you to Lowes or Home Depot and they can assist you with finding the correct one for you.

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Sharon asks…

The toilet clogged and overflowed. Now the toilet doesn’t flush completely.?

We plunged the toilet, but did not use the plunger specific to toilets (just used the one for flat surfaces, the one with just the hole, not the cone). We then tried flushing the toilet and this time, the water level in the bowl rose, almost to the top, but didn’t overflow. There was some swirling action, but the bowl emptied slowly and didn’t empty completely. It reached the base of the bowl where the hole is and then made a gurgle. Anyone know what this could mean and how to fix it? Do those regular plungers really not work? Should I get a toilet plunger?
I noticed whend my boyfriend was plunging the lip of plunger curled up. Is that normal. Or could that be the reason why the clog is still there?
I noticed whend my boyfriend was plunging the lip of plunger curled up. Is that normal. Or could that be the reason why the clog is still there?

tantan answers:

Get a plunger. Or call a plumber. Or stop clogging the toilet all together! Its called a courtesy flush!

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