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Guess it really all started way back in the early  1960s, before I say anything else about this fill in a little background for you I am what’s known as a army brat me mother was army sergeant father was a army top Sgt, so I guess it is in my blood was going to serve To anyway,, , Back to the 1960s my first job was working in a coal mine as a trainee miner then as a, coalminer,  , I did this for a few years ,But I knew it was not for me as soon as I reached the age and ticked all the right boxes ,I was in the army at Boot Camp learning to be a grunt the path I was to follow for the next part of my life it was not long before I was fully fledged military grunt Serving my country

Several years later I found myself again after discharge in the world being retrained as the Governments expense as a construction worker specializing in Bricklaying
I will skip the details of this. Now To shoot from Years in construction for after a time  with a breakdown of a marriage,

I decided it was time to see the world And spent a considerable time living here and there Doing the odd construction job running bars truck driving many things I don’t really think I should go into There I plan to leave my history But I will say one more thing I do believe I have a lot to give to the hints and tips industry 

I’m retired now and in the middle of rebuilding this site which I’ve had a and running for a few years now after someone kindly hijack it which could be a blessing in disguise as a gives me the chance to completely start over let’s face it is nothing wrong with that I’ve done it many times in my life,

As i search to find you the best best tips hints and tricks ,Hoping to make life better in some small ways for all of us,

Thats me, ugly right

My aim is that the tips and hint share on my websites are useful and  helpful.If you have any tips and useful hints would you

Let me know please in the comments section below
Again welcome to my website I have been pretty busy of late rebuilding this  website of mine it I have no idea What happened  to it I think it was hacked like I said the problem occurred. When I couldn’t find any way to get back into my own site so ,,,

A tip from me my top tip on this situation would be to keep a backup copy for yourself? Or like me you don’t want to lose five years work

Anyways not to worry as its  going to be better than ever before and let me thank you  for sticking with me in my online adventure

  • My blog is Fun, My heart and soul

    As with any activity, there will be a few ups and downs. Approx. 50 percent of new website’s Ive come across do not seem to last for more than a few months. Why? Maybe they where started for the wrong reasons,,  Or only for testing purposes. Or they did not have the right subjects what ever happened it hails as a warning.not to rush in  But if its fun and especially if like me its a passion and from your heart ,only then are other people are  likely to read it , the only time i have ever been willing to give so much of my self was in the army, believe me as a senor and a army vet this keeps my mind active, and makes your truly still get out of bed with a purpose each day ,

  • tips4you I would recommend setting up a blog
  • tips4you You must have something to say and a way to get it over to  people , when writing a blog the euphoria from the start can soon be lost  if its not on a subject  you care about.
  • tips4you If you don’t get Interested readers and comments and . Not just once, but again and again.
  • tips4you  plan to have a mix of topics that are important for many people in many particular fields   l.
  • Try it for yourself

    Its easy to start a web site it is easy to try. You can learn by studying their posts a lot of experience from other bloggers. but no one can decide for you. In the letters and comments I read again and again that readers are planning a weblog soon want to go online or just still want to study for a while.  just go for it ,,In my case  its not about making any money but keeping my mind active  I spend hours searching for hint and tips,  All the research and work  makes this old  Military Grunt feel good about him self   Being The Best You Can Be


My aim is that the hints and  tips I share on my websites are useful and helpful.If you have any tips and useful hints would you  please Let me know in the comments section below

Yours Faithfully Ted   (served proudly)

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Holiday Tip | Vacation Tip from me before booking your Vacation/ holiday it would be best if you were very vigilant particular in reading the reviews I used to get some real bad holidays  ,

Here’s what I did wrong for a start I would look at how many reviews and what rating they Were giving, ,  I have a tendency to have all my holidays the all-inclusive type you know the sort all you can eat all you can drink,It’s not the drinking and eating,, ITS just I find it more convenient to pay for it all before I go and leave it at that….

Where I was going  to the wrong reviews I was looking at the wrong REVIEWS   Also not looking at the people taking of this sort of Vacation,, a lot of them rated a holiday not on the location the main thrust was the service the hotel the food and the drink    ,,not at all about the fact that it may be miles from anywhere with no interesting places to visit except maybe some dogeared beach

now I read the reviews about to hotel yes Of the reviews you look reviews on hotels you get reviews on hotels not the surrounding grazing land This is important  to me even just as important is the location in the saying location location location

So  One in particular Vacation was terrible but the reviews were GOOD about this Holiday Tip Location In fact it was just the hotel and it was super

I did read all the reviews on the hotel fact and a few hotels,  ,So me and my pal Tom decided on this hotel seemed to be perfect everyone loved it the staff are friendly the meals were excellent although we did have to cross to the Sister hotel over the road to go to the dining room and the evenings main entertainment that was all fine And the temperatures WereVery good in the evenings even even late at night

We chose a small little seaside resort called  Toss er Del mar situated in the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean on Spain’s Costa Brava coastline in our opinion the name says it all  tos ser Del mar

Fact is the hotel was good and it was all-inclusive,, but if you don’t want to spend all day eating and drinking . There was absolutely nothing to do and it cost is $30 for a taxi to the nearest place there was any sort of life at all I know this was probably because it was the summer only resort And I’m sure had been in season,,It would have been a wonderful holiday but apart from the hotel there was absolutely nothing to do, I like a little bit of activity with my Vacations so  please read the reviews thoroughly About the location andY ou may say why didn’t you know ?    When I’ve lived in Spain for years I had no idea That’s some of the smaller more northern resorts more or less closed down lock stock and barrel in September who would have thought it With all that sunshine and blue skies  San Diego keeps going



Lonely Planet Spain (Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Spain (Travel Guide)

With absolutely incredible Roman ruins, Gothiccathedrals of rare power ,Also unbelievable amounts of Islamic architecture Tell you about this country its links to the past both Moorish and Christian and before Roman and many earlier civilisations, fallen and left behind their indelible Incredible buildings many still used to this day

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