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Monthly Archives: January 2014

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Donald asks…

What is it like being a vegetarian at Howard University?

I have been a vegetarian for a while now and have also decided to attend Howard University. It Is hard enough finding vegetarian friendly restaurants in California. If you attend Howard can you tell me what the menu is like and if there are vegetarian friendly choices. on or near the campus.

tantan answers: list howard as the 1250th best school for vegetarian options….a 4.6 out of 10
….washington dc is veg friendly

fortunately howard is half a mile from a great restaurant

and a mile and a third from another vegetarian restaurant

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Heidi Klum Celebritie never disappoints  Not only is she a beautiful model, television presenter and mother … She is too obsessed with halloween. The supermodel is known for throwing extravagant halloween parties every year that in the A-list stars like Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway pulls. Klum makes her grand entrance in unreal costumes and amazed the crowd every year.

Rocking a floor-length blond wig and to make her entrance via horse, Heidi transformed into Lady Godiva.


His 8-months-pregnant, Klum hid her belly in a giant apple suit with a garden of Eden – style hose hose from the top.


This is than anything that Heidi has ever done before. As one of its most extravagant costumes still, Heidi added a belt of creepy faces up to a Hindu goddess. Not only is she painted from head to toe, but she added extra hands to complete the great costume.


Heidi herself transformed into a Black Crow with amazing knee high boots on. stylish!


With red hair and purple skin, Klum equipped like an alien transformer hybrid for its 2010-party.


What look like Heidi and without skin? Well, maybe this is. This costume is insane and amazing. The time this must have taken to this costume is insane, as they actually have brought on a stretcher.

View the

Heidi Klum

original article here

Laura asks…

How do I set it so when I take a screenshot on a Mac it will save to my desktop?

Whenever i take a screenshot on my Mac it only saves to my clipboard but will not save as a file on my desktop. How can i make it so it will go straight to my desktop?

tantan answers:

It depends on what you’re using to take the screenshot. There’s actually a great little screenshot program that comes with your Mac called “Grab.” It’s in the “Applications / Utilities” folder. You can take a screenshot of your whole screen, just a window, or select a specific area with a box. When you snap the screenshot, the picture of what you just took pops up, and you can do “File / Save as” and save the screenshot wherever you want, including to your desktop.

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Sandy asks…

Are their any tips about writing my first book?

I know I want to be an author, but are their any tips about writing your first book?

Also, should I begin with a backstory first, or jump straight into the story? Best answer gets 10 points.

tantan answers:

If you’re new to writing, I suggest jumping straight in first, to get some ideas down. You can go back and structure more later, or with later projects. Get lots of practice. You won’t get published right away, but if you keep working at, you’ll eventually reach your goal.

I also highly recommend the book Writing Magic by Gail Carson Levine. It’s got some really good tips and exercises.

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Sandy asks…

How do you get unlimited money in gta v?

I’m on ps3 and Ive finished the story mode

tantan answers:

There’s a lot of rumours going that Rockstar are trying to eliminate players taking advantage of glitches. So I would avoid those! Although I’ve been using these tips to become a billionaire – It’s more fun that way anyway!

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Chris asks…

How to make the perfect bubble wall for aquarium, yourself?

I cut out a 3 foot long tube and punctured holes with a hot pin with 1 inch distance on the top side. I sealed one end and hooked in my air pump at the other and anchored the whole thing in my tank from one end to the other with vacume holders.

I find that bubbles don’t come out from all the holes properly. If anyone has some good tips making a perfect buble wall airation tube, please post.

The reason I’m doing this is because, I can’t get the proper size readymade piece for this in my area.

tantan answers:

One tip I can offer, the holes nearest the air pump should be a bit smaller than the holes further from the pump. Also, the holes must be of a certain size before it will allow a bubble to escape. That size depends on pressure and the further from your pump the less pressure.

Also, you will see that once you get a few holes producing bubbles, some others will stop. It can take days to try to balance everything so it works properly.

I would suggest you thing hard about ordering the proper sized piece from a good pet supply stoire online, it might get to you before you can balance your line to working properly.


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