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Use the garden to relax
Relaxation in the garden
Relaxation in the garden as  everyday life of many people is always hectic, so they hardly come to rest. Gardening is increasingly recognized by managers as an effective means to leave the stress behind.and Use the garden to relax

Gardens have a long tradition of Relaxation in the garden
Centuries ago monastic communities have recognized the added value of gardening. They knew that plant care and harvesting not only to acquire food served, but also for the care of body and mind. Firstly, the often physically demanding work in the garden in the fresh air has been a valuable balance to the long sitting in the monastic writing rooms,

on the other hand, this type of work is still a meditative character. It breeds life, it looks come and go, and, during the work, although the body but less calls to mind dwell on his thoughts.

Monastery gardens are also offered in close conjunction with the herbal medicine. Many achievements of today’s world, as the knowledge about natural remedies or the Herblore go back to the traditional monastery gardens. In some congregations, the garden was used as a place of retreat. So you put in some convents the pin ladies small garden plots available, where there are small garden shed. Thither the women could retire for prayer contemplation.and  Relaxation in the garden

Active relaxation in your own garden
Only the face of extreme stress situations, some people have recognized this positive side effect of gardening for themselves again. You’ve learned the hard way how good it is, week after week to take a few hours in this microcosm back to watch him and to maintain. Many activities of gardening are characterized by repetitions,

such as digging or picking small berries. Almost alone of the inner dialogue is thereby interrupted and the stress falls. So if you feel drained, should, before buying expensive guide, rather devote gardening to get back to find relaxation.

Materials needed:

Manual of the manufacturer;
original box or carton ;






boxes and cartons

packaging material;
Colorful sticky notes;
Marker pens;
Self-adhesive bags

1. First check the “instructions for use and / or the owner’s manual” for specific requirements and instructions. If you lost them, make sure that you find the information you are looking at the website of manufacturers and make a note and put in box – whether in the form of advice or an online version of the manual can be found.

2. If your appliances contain toner or ink cartridge, remove them and store them in a sealed envelope, along with the electronics to which they belong. Remove any CD-minute, DVD-’s and similar computers, stereo or DVD-drives.

3. If you keep the original packaging of appliances, we recommend that they use when moving your home / office . If you have not saved, you can buy your necessary boxes and cartons on line

boxes and cartons

packaging material;
Colorful sticky notes;
Marker pens;
Self-adhesive bag

4. Buy colorful sticky notes that are large enough to be able to describe them on your equipment.

5. Before disconnecting the power supply, indicated by the colored petals which cable wire with which and to which output is connected.

6. We recommend using a regimen of letters and numbers which describe additional sheet and give a copy of it to the movers to help you with your relocation.

7. After turning off the power supply and retract the cable, make sure that they are packed well and not liable to get wet during removal.

8. When packing electronics, the use of antistatic extruded polystyrene balls and protivoudaren packaging material is required. Never use materials that conduct electricity, to avoid damage to the electronics during the movement.

9. Disassemble the electronics of its possible components and pack them tightly using antistatic extruded polystyrene beads, scotch tape and protivoudarniya packaging material.

10. Place a thick layer of the same protivudaren packaging material and the bottom of the box, which will carry electronics.

11. Fill the remaining space with extruded polystyrene beads to prevent displacement during the time.

12. Remember when sealing the box to put the note “Fragile” and draw an arrow to indicate the lid of the box.

Note: CD-th and the hardware can not tolerate high temperatures. If you have sensitive electronics, consider whether you could not take it with you in your hand luggage during the movement.

 Preparing for a camping  vacation







Preparing for a camping  vacation  plan and get generally be well prepared.The trip itinerary will need to be determined in advance, campsites must be picked and camping gear must be sorted in advance.
You must have a good camping equipment including air mattresses, camping lights, a good size Tent and more will be required for a comfortable stay at the camping ground.

Anyone looking for a device to compare prices between different tents at least should  look on .ebay ect there are often opportunities to acquire camping tools and accessories at a very low price on line.
Camping is particularly suitable as a family trip, as it offers a great variety for all family members. Camping facilities in the vacation  famous  regions like San Diego county in general is very modern and offer many opportunities for recreational activities for young and old  from mountain ,old wild west, desolate plans, and sea .

Many holiday campsites around the U.S. offer many opportunities to save money. and again, the rule is: if you book in plenty of time , the trip will benefit it being cheaper ,Or to book to book last minute, too.
The vacation camp east San Diego’s County in the U.S. is becoming more popular and in demand with good campsites. If you want cheap insurance its a good place, would do well to do in advance at the time of booking.
there  are many offers and travel portals on the Internet that specialize in camping vacations get a good overview on line is a must Preparing for a camping  vacation

Ken asks…

Can Fate of the World tipping point earn the holiday achievement on steam?

There’s an holiday gift achievement for fate of the world, but tipping point looks like it has the same achievement. If I buy tipping point, will the achievement still get a prize.

tantan answers:


Good luck!

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Helen asks…

Would you be mad if your 14 year old son didnt know how to tie a bow tie?

And he had to have a girl tie it for him? This actually happened one week ago and i had no idea how to tie a bow tie and this girl somehow knew and she tied it for me! But shes a girl, not a boy (ages 14 & up=man) so how could she know?! Would you be mad at me??!!
I had to wear a bow tie with my tuxedo for my concert i was playig in! Thy might be lame but im not!

tantan answers:

You cannot be expected to know how to tie one if no one had taught you how.

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Lisa asks…

Bunch of Question about Xbox 360/Games NEW!?

1) Is there games like GTA/Saints row 2 on Xbox 360?
2) When does Joyride XBLA freebie release?
3) Fallout 3 Hints and Tips?
4) Saints Row 3 release date?
5) Hints of next GTA to be set in either Vice City, France or Swizerland/
6) Oblivion Easy or Hard?
7) Next Xbox console to release in 2015 as Natal has expanded Xbox 360 lifespan True or False?
8) Modern Warfare 2 Rank up tips or certain matches?
9) Call of Duty Vietnam taking place in World War era?
10) Infinity plans to move onto racing games will we see another Call of Duty from Infinity Ward in the future?

tantan answers:

1) GTa4 and saints row are on the 360 as well.
2) I’ve never even heard of that game, and thats saying something.
3) Hit things till they die, Don’t kill your self.
4) Was never announced.
5) gta5 wasen’t even announced
6) On the middle, its quite hard
7) True, but also false, the next gen consoles allready had plans for a high life spand.
8) Use cheap ass guns (lolololol)
9) Vietnam is NOT apart of world war, please go re check your history.
10) Maybe, all depends on what they think is the right move for the company.

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