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Online Success Tips

Online Success Tips | Tips to Online Success


Tips to Online Success,,The internet abounds with so many opportunities to earn that can either be a primary source of your income or a way to supplement your current income streams. As a cash cow for many enterprising individuals, the amount you will earn online is dependent on the time and effort you invest in it. However, regardless of what option you choose, here are some important tips that will guide you toward your online success.

  1. 1.     Online Success TipsOnline Success Tips Make a good impression. Regardless of which type of online income endeavour you attempt, you must remember to grab your prospects attention that will encourage him to learn more and eventually patronize the service or product you are offering. This can be done by developing a brand that will intelligently and insightfully provide a description of the product or service you are offering.
    1. a.   Online Success Tips   Differentiation. Focus on what makes your product or services unique that will differentiate it from the existing competition.  Aside from identifying how your product or services can answer to the needs of your customer, you must also integrate it with a diffentiating factor that will set your product or services apart from the rest.
    2. b.    Online Success Tips  Be friendly. If you want to invite prospect to interact with you, you should keep in mind to maintain an approachable and friendly tone. Therefore, aside from keeping the information on your portfolio informative, you should also make sure that you are communicating this information is a friendly manner that will encourage prospects to communicate and interact with you.


  1. 2.      Optimize your skills. Your skills and knowledge should create a strong online presence. You may have a great product or service, but when you lack the skills how to communicate these online, you may not achieve your expected outcome.
    1. a.    Online Success Tips  Develop a business plan. In order to keep to focused and on track with your goals, you must write a business plan, although, your online business will require you to never leave your computer. A well-developed business plan will give you specific direction to achieve your goals.
    2. b.   Online Success Tips   Consult Experts. Knowing about the knowledge and experience of a friend or colleague who succeeded in earning money online is a great way to achieve your own online success. You may ask for their insights that will guide you what methods have worked and what methods to avoid.
    3. c.  Online Success Tips    Be familiar with other online tools. There are online tools that you can utilize in order to boost your online business. For instance, take a search engine optimization (SEO) training as it can be an important component for your online business success. The use of SEO will help you reach potential clients, especially if you rank high on search engine like Google.
    4. 3.   Online Success Tips   Independently develop dedication and focus. Your online success is also dependent on how much dedication and focus you poured into your business.  You should develop the skill to manage your time properly so that you can dedicate as much time and effort for your business.
      1. a.   Online Success Tips   Evaluate your time. Be aware of your personal circumstances that could affect the time you can spend for your online business. Identify how much time you are willing to dedicate for your online business as it can sometimes be time consuming, especially during the earlier months.
      2. Online Success Tips Know your work habits. Great amount of motivation is required when you want to succeed online. You should be motivated enough and not easily distracted to any kinds of environmental disturbances to stay focused on you online business goals.
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My Money-Making Methods 


My Money-Making Methods  ,There are so many money-making options you can choose if you want to earn online. One of these options is through online marketing. The following are some important methods that you can use in order to gain income through online marketing.

  1. Be an Affiliate Marketer. One way of making money is to promote someone else’s products and services as you don’t need to maintain an inventory of products. Normally, affiliate advertisements are integrated into your personal blog or page or your business website, wherein your strong and compelling content articles will link these into the specific websites of affiliate product and services you are promoting. You can also become an affiliate marketer even if you do not own a website or a blog by posting links of affiliate products and service to social media platforms.

If your website is generating a lot of traffic, you can join in the cost-per-click advertising as you can earn potentially high revenue owing to the large number of visitors in your site. You can also bank on the quality of your website’s content by doing a cost-per-acquisition advertising method wherein you can earn either a commission or a fixed amount every time visitors of your website makes a purchase of the affiliate products of services you are promoting.

  1. 2.      Be an online mystery shopper. Many companies are now banking on mystery shoppers online as there is a significant shift to virtual business in almost all industries. You may be familiar with mystery shoppers, but to be an online mystery shopper, you should be prepared with the front costs of your online purchases as companies will normally reimburse you if you have proven to be a capable online mystery shopper.


  1. 3.      Be a webinar marketing speaker. There are so many marketing seminars which are done online; which is normally cheaper that doing actual seminars and that you do not have to repeat your performance several times. If you feel you are a capable authority on a certain subject matter, record yourself giving talk about that subject matter and post offer to sell it to those who want to learn more about it. There are also live webinars wherein the participants watch you speak about your subject expertise online for a certain fee. They can even ask questions and interact with you right after your presentation.


  1. 4.      Do Referrals. There are online sites that give referral fees every time you refer a prospective applicant to the job offer. So, if you run into a company advertisement looking for specific skills, experience and work ethics that which you know someone who matches the requirements, check out if they offer referral fees, as you can earn as much as a few thousand dollars if your referral gets hired.


  1. 5.      Market your own products and services. If you are an expert on a certain field, you can create a website that will showcase your portfolio. Build your client list through online classifieds and in time, you will be able to establish your own business and set up your own prices and get to keep all the profits that you will earn.


My Money-Making Methods 

Simple Money Making Ideas – Complete Business Ideas for Todays Entrepreneur: Simple Money Making Methods that Pay you Over and Over

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Tips on how to write a blog

 Tips on how to write a blog I found this while searching the Internet and I think it’s a very useful article consequently I decided to post it on my blog I hope you enjoy it as much as I did Ted

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Tips on how to write a blog

Advantages of a word press blog

1 ) Blogging is very easy

Yes. For one thing , is extremely easy to get a blog up and running If you can write an email , you can get a blog up and running within an hour or so. ” . It’s really just that simple. Blogging software nowadays takes care of all the hard work, like writing HTML and publish your pages on the Internet. the only thing you need to do you think what you going to put onto your blog

2 ) Blogs within 10 minutes

it’s a fact you can have your first blog up and running free blogging services up and running in about 10 minutes. even if you wish to post your own blog on your own hosting which I would recommend by the way it will take a little longer could you need to get a domain yourself, and spend the time your domain read  but having said that after you’ve done that any future blogs you wish to make you can have up and running within five minutes.


3) Word Press Blogs are Search Engine Friendly

Word Press blogs are pretty search engine friendly. What this means you don’t have to spend hours upon hours worrying about your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because WordPress blog software takes care of SEO basics for you and that’s a big must have .

Blogs automatically fix all your pages and post together as if they were a book together making  it search engine friendly easily indexed with all relevant keywords metal tags the address for each page is already done allowing easy search engine rank don’t think it’s all done for you you have to make the content

4 ) Blogs organised completely for you 

in the old days you had to maintain the order of your blog yourself nowadays blogs automatically customize organize category date build new pages in fact use automatic blogging tools that will take care of everything for you or you need to do is supply the content


5 ) A blog will bring readers on autopilot

write content regularly scraped content from wherever you like on the Internet as long as you give due credit to where it’s from and link it back that is

6) A blog  is automatically linked

To similar themed blogs and webpages making your blog part of that community again on autopilot if you using WordPress  your blog is automatically set up for comments you can keep in touch with your readers

Go here for more info

 1 First you need a structure

Let’s make time for a little time travel back to the teaching of Writing in the eighth Class, ok? Since it was then topic for you to a “drafting”.

Do you remember what was the first step in doing at that time? (After the teacher has given you the topic and you have therefore rolls his eyes – you are in 8th grade, do not forget).

Exactly: Create a design!

We blow it out the dust from the design skills that on the 8th Grade Day   Have built class and use the today for your Online marketing. Start by creating a basic structure for your message. Insert here the overall hierarchy of the information determined by deciding:

  • What is the most important piece of information that you have? That is the one (and since only one should actually be) the main message that should be take from your email your readers. What’s this?
  • What then is the second most important piece of information? This could, for example, the announcement of a soon available supply be a listing of your services, links to important pages on your site, evidence soon staged events, etc. Your message will be read faster when you do not have such information in it, but if so something must be in it, then this must not be in competition with your main message.
  • What is the least important information? This could for example be your copyright or your contact information, a link to your terms and conditions or any legally required notices.

Then, when you create your email layout, you should consider using a two-column format. If you do, keep in mind that we read from left to right, your main points must therefore be on the left side of your layout, because as the look of your reader first goes.


Images if necessary, but be careful

Images in emails still make sure that they are loaded slower than text-only emails, so use it sparingly.

In very many cases e-mail addressees have turned off the display of images. Provide so that your email messages are also understood if the images are not displayed by adding each image a description of what is to see it. This will allow your recipient to read at least a brief description of your images if they already do not see.

Another trick: when images are absolutely essential for your email message, add your header image a description to that says “For the full experience please leave this Message to display the images.” This message will appear only if the people have turned off the images with you and will urge many to view the images so they can admire your message across in full beauty.


3  limit your design choice

If you log into your newsletter program you have there in the Dashboard loads of fonts and colors to choose from which you can choose. My recommendation?

Ignore the! Find yourself a very dark gray or black font that you use for the greeting and the main text.The background of your main text areas you do know.

This gives you the best possible contrast and high readability for the essential parts of your email.

Then for the second most important areas to reduce the contrast. How?

Choose a lightly shaded background for these areas. You must be careful because you still want enough contrast between the background and your text color so that the text is still easy to read.

However, if you provide these second most important area with slightly lower contrast, it means that the eyes of your readers are automatically transferred to the more important main areas (with the highest contrast), and then go to the areas that have a lower contrast.

Then make sure that you use a single color for your link text. Never allow normal text look like a link, otherwise your readers will try to click on things that are no links.


Make your Paragraphs short and sweet

Do you remember the average 51 seconds? That’s not very much time for reading, so if you are planning your e-mail content, keep your message as short as possible.

Imagine your email messages before such summaries: You talk about the essential basic principles, provide a few supporting facts to it and pack everything into a single call-to-action that makes them clear about what you want to do the next should.



Avoid from two very important reasons CAPITALS in your email messages: first, because it looks as if you would cry and not want anyone to yell!

Even more important, however, that this is hard to read! Uppercase and lowercase letters work together to form unique shapes for each word we read. Our eyes and our brain use these shapes to form sentences, word for word.

CAPITALS slow when reading huge. Each word becomes a rectangle and our eyes it must laboriously deciphered letter by letter, rather than being able to capture the entire sentence word for word.


Use this checklist for your Writings

Help your readers here, make the most of the short time that spend with your messages by using these techniques consistently, so as to ensure that your messages are easy to read and absorb.

Questions? Then let’s talk about it in the comments!

Yours  Jürgen bells/online-marketing/

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Ping service provides an alternative to Pingomatic I wrote a few days ago. In a similar  form  context to make you seen contribution Increased Visability in the hands. It contains a remarkably comprehensive listing of central services that can be informed of the publication of contributions per ping.


[Via Alliance of free blogs: Increased Visability ]

I give the above list once again unchanged, although some sources is quite too have references. For optimum use of the weblog sure everyone has their preferred sources must choose yourself. Well just to know what it is.

What other local sources should should be added here according to your opinion, and what are your experiences with it?