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Diy repairs

Diy repairs How to repair Items

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Donald asks…

DIY rock climbing wall.?

So I have a few questions. I have not rock climbed for years and I only did it a few times when I was younger but loved it. So I am thinking about building my own wall in my garage. So with that I have a few questions. I saw a few online of where it looked like people had theirs set up to be able to change out the rocks and move them around how would you do that? I saw some rocks online but they all seem like ones you just screw into the wood. My next question is if you have built a wall can you post pictures or link me to some and give me any tips I might need such as play wood to use and not use and things like that. any help would be nice thanks. Oh and because I have not done this in for ever and I plan to use this as a type of work out as well do you get more work by going up and down or side to side? I do plan to have the wall with a slant and if I can find a way hang part from the ceiling

tantan answers:

Do searches on DIY bouldering walls for lots of online resources (pics, instructions, tips, youtube videos, etc). Three Ball Climbing has a page outlining a lot of what you need to know. They also have kits for everything you need (instruction, holds, bolts, tnuts) except the structure itself…
You will want 3/4″ plywood with 2×4 stud framing for vertical walls, 2×6 for slanted. Thinner plywood may not hold you at a slant and roof (ceiling). You will use T-nuts that will attach through the back of the playwood panels. Most climbing holds bolted on to the T-nuts. This is how people are able to move holds around. Most hold companies have “starter packs” that include an assortment of holds, bolts and T-nuts appropriate for 3/4″ plywood.
You will quickly find that climbing holds are quite expensive. Ebay is a great resource for buying used holds for a fraction of the price of new. You could also attempt to make your own, but I would suggest saving that for a project a yr or two after getting back into it.
You will need to devise a plan specific to the area in which you will be building your wall.
As for workouts, most woodies (wood diy bouldering walls) are used for training purposes. Circuits and bouldering problems of varying degrees of difficulty will get you strong fast. You will also want to think about hold types. If you are doing training and circuits, big jug holds are a good idea. Too many small crimps and pinches will blow out your tendons quick, especially since you are jumping right into an overhang situation.
Lots of resources out there. You may even want to stop by your local climbing gym or gear shop or climbing club to see if anyone in your area already has theier own small bouldering wall. Talking to them or going to see theirs will go a long way of avoiding mistakes and planning approriately.
-Good luck

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George asks…

Kitchen Design/Remodeling – Tiling Kitchen Backsplash Ideas?

I too have formica laminate on the wall and want to replace it with tile. Since my new countertops are not as thick as the old ones, and there was a metal strip between old countertop and wall laminate, there is now a gap of drywall of approximately 1 inch between the granite countertop and the bottom of the wall laminate. Can I fill this in with something to make the backing surface even, and if so, what can I use? There are several places within this gap where they drywall is damaged from countertop removal, but I believe these areas could be spackled.
Unfortunately before discovering this site, I took advice on an associate at a major home improvement center (Kitchen backsplash Ideas expert), who told me I could not tile over the laminate but that the laminate would pull off easily from the wall. I attempted to pull one piece off and most of the covering on the drywall came off with it. I don’t suppose there is any repair for this other than replacing the drywall? The total size of the area I attempted to pull off is 24 x 36 and about 1/2 of that area still has laminate, which will not come off and the other half has naked dry wall. Luckily for me, this area is separate from my main kitchen area, where the laminate remains intact.

tantan answers:

Dry wall is not a suitable surface to adhere ceramic tile too, because the drywall will not hold on to the tile very well. I have suggested to all who ask this question to remove the drywall from the wall all together and install 1/2″ thick BC grade plywood to stick the tile too.

This is done so that you will have a great permanent surface to install your tile too with out any problems in the future.

You can stick ceramic tile to a plastic laminate surface with out problems provided that the laminate is securely stuck to the wall surface. In your case I would finish removing the laminate and the drywall behind it and put up the plywood in it’s place to end any problems with your tile installation and to insure that you will not have problems in the future.

As for the gap you asked about, you can go to your local tile store and find a matching border to install in this gap and on one will know the difference.

You can refer to this website which show you a article about kitchen backsplash ideas
(if those website not change)

Kitchen backsplash ideas Articles

Kitchen backsplash ideas articles

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Donald asks…

What’s the best way to keep bums off my front stoop?

Every day I walk out my front door and there are homeless people hanging out on my front steps, or there are empty malt liquor bottles. I’m not heartless, but the other day a neighbors house was broken into so I have decided to take more proactive approach to getting rid of them.

How can I make the space unpleasant to hang out on when I am not around?

tantan answers:

If you cannot beat em, join em. Homeless people tell the best stories and make wonderful dinner guests—some of my best friends in the entire world are no good worthless homeless unemployed drunkards, three sheets in the wind nearly 8 days a week—and that statement is no lie. Kevin Hartigan, a homeless drug using drunk paranoid schitzophrenic, is the town bum who begs for spare change in front of the Blackheath train station in London UK, and my personal friend. When I was troubled one winter with a broken motorbike, he followed me home while i pushed the broken machine uphill to my home on the vale and questioned me the whole way……..

“Is that a SuperDream?”

“Doesnt et ave 4 gears, that?”

“Do you need a and fitzin et or whatevah?”

“Ud jew lyke mee tu pushit a while?”

I bought him a bit of fried fish from the fish monger across the street from the station in The Village, and he stayed at my flat in my garage for 2 weeks, repairing my motorbike and eating at my table…….so grateful for the opportunity to have access to a shower and a toilet that he repaired my bike as well as could be done and kept me entertained for two weeks with stories over the kitchen table of everything from teenagers setting him on fire one night while he slept on a park bench in Brighton “an burnin off ees birdsnest whilst eeus sleepin”, to…”De Devil stabbed at mee rite ere whah dis scah is ere an eee di’it wif eees tree pronged pokah!”.

Nobody provides security for your dewlling like your buddy sitting on your front porch all day. Kevin would have gladly taken anyone i asked him to take completely apart and then he would have disposed of their bodies for me by dumping em in the river thames without giving a second thought. Kevin Hartigan is my friend…….my TRUE friend.

Friends help you move to your new apartment, but true friends help you hide the bodies. These people are the most downtrodden, beaten down, stripped of all human dignity group of folks you will ever find, plus they regularly break the law, witness beatings and rape and murders and perhaps even participate in that kind of behaviour them selves………..are you REALLY using every single last brain cell you have available to you in your head in making the decision to drive away, condemn, and perhaps anger a group of individuals who have the capacity to make your home a very unhappy place to live at best?

Keep your friends close……your enemies closer. If you befriend these drunks and buy em a pint or three, maybe they will skip your pad when selecting a new spot to nick all the goodies out of some poor suckers gaff.

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David asks…

First, toilet wouldn’t stop flushing. Now it won’t flush — what’s wrong with it?

Last night it wouldn’t stop flushing. Today you can’t flush it with the flush handle. You have to reach into the tank and pull the arm up. What’s wrong with it? How do I repair it?

tantan answers:

Sounds like the chain connecting the flapper to the flush handle is broke, or needs adjustment.

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Paul asks…

Bathroom Clogs and Water Issue?

Ok so my bathroom sink and bathtub gets clogged with water now. Been for a long time. I think the problem with the sink is the pipe needs to be cleaned underneath. But there are a few other things. My bathtub also has a clog and I’ve had plumbers over before Roto Rooter can tempererily fix it but thats expensive and they keep coming back. Something is clogging the tub not sure what or what to do about it. We poured things like drano down the tub before and no dice. Now the water in the shower goes from hot to cold very fast less than ten min and 1/2 the water flows from the tub head when the shower is on. And not at the same temperature! Also I noticed that if I stay in the show too long or someone uses the upstairs bathroom, I hear bubbles in the toilet. Lastly the water in the sink takes awhile to heat up again after I get out of the shower. Its usually cold and I don’t get any hot water to shave. WHAT IS GOING ON? Can these problems be fixed without a plumber. They keep coming back these plumbers professionals too. WTF. Please help in regard to these issues. Thanks

tantan answers:

You have several separate problems:

1) Clogs in sinks can be addressed like previous answerer said, remove the U-bend under the sink and try just cleaning that out. Don’t forget to also ream out the gunk in the straight pipe above where the U-bend was. Icky.

2) Bubbling in the toilet when a toilet overhead flushes means there’s some kind of obstruction in your main line – a big blockage. The overhead flush is forcing air in the main pipe back up through your toilet. That’s going to need professional help, unless you own one of those big drain reamers. It also suggests your drain vent isn’t working or there isn’t a vent – the vent should let that pressure off with no resistance. You’ll want that fixed, too.

3) Stop pouring chemicals down the drain. They’re expensive and don’t help much. Try running a bent hanger down the tub drain, try to fish out the wad of hair and soap that’s likely causing all that trouble right there.

4) Half the water coming out of the tub spout instead of the shower might be a problem with the spout. If your spout has a knob you lift up or a lever to flip to make the shower come on, try unscrewing the spout and see if its little gate valve dealie is messed up. When that gate valve is operated, it just forces the water in your pipes to go up to the shower head. New spouts are cheap.

5) It sounds like, for whatever reason, your water heater has lost a lot of its capacity, either to heat water effectively or somehow a lot of its volume. How big is it? And when was the last time you ran the sediment off its bottom? Hook up a garden hose to the draincock on the bottom and let out a lot of that water, it’ll probably take a while before it runs clear. As to the heating, turn off power to the water heater and test the elements, see if either of them has failed. If so, they’re not hard to replace, but you’ll need to turn off the water and drain the tank to do it.

Good luck!

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Joseph asks…

Need to replace 18 year old toilet tank!?

I plan on replacing the toilet tank that came w/ the house. It has an 2.5″ flush valve. Can I replace it w/ a tank that only has a 2″ flush valve? I’m not sure if all the screws would line up. Does anyone know if they even still make toilet tanks w/ 2.5″ flush valves? Please note that I do not plan on replacing the whole toilet, just the tank.

tantan answers:

It just isn’t worth the pain or headache trying to locate such a tank.

Also you will be disturbing the original design of the engineers who developed the toilet.

It’s easy enough to replace the whole toilet for a few dollars more and way less headache. Time is money and nobody wants the stress.

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