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Moving Tips

Moving out of state  

Moving out of state or to another country   can be an exciting adventure filled with new experiences and challenges. The first few months will be filled with culture shock by learning how to move in order to adapt to a new language. To make the transition a little easier, pack wisely and take with you items that are personally important. They can be good for times when nostalgia hits. They can also be good to introduce new friends to the cultures of the home. Clothing

Moving out of state or to another country

Knowledge of climate and weather in the new location will help you narrow down which clothes to bring. The clothes should be durable and you need to make sure wearing clothes often. Note that some cultures have different standards of what is acceptable to wear. Research that if the inhabitants of the country tend to dress more modestly than people in their home country, or if culture is fashion forward and just the latest styles of clothing are appropriate.

 If the move is a short period of time, be sure that all clothes brought in traffic will have to go back. Sometimes bringing fewer clothes and buy new clothes at the location based on need may be easier — and ultimately cheaper than packing — everything you’ll wear.





Although moving to another country to provide new flavors and interesting food options may crave comfort food. Bring along some of your favorite spices and food products that will be stored for longer time.Trying local food is important for getting a real sense of the new state, but is able to cook food that has memories of home can help to when you Moving out of state or to another country

Materials needed:

Manual of the manufacturer;
original box or carton ;






boxes and cartons

packaging material;
Colorful sticky notes;
Marker pens;
Self-adhesive bags

1. First check the “instructions for use and / or the owner’s manual” for specific requirements and instructions. If you lost them, make sure that you find the information you are looking at the website of manufacturers and make a note and put in box – whether in the form of advice or an online version of the manual can be found.

2. If your appliances contain toner or ink cartridge, remove them and store them in a sealed envelope, along with the electronics to which they belong. Remove any CD-minute, DVD-’s and similar computers, stereo or DVD-drives.

3. If you keep the original packaging of appliances, we recommend that they use when moving your home / office . If you have not saved, you can buy your necessary boxes and cartons on line

boxes and cartons

packaging material;
Colorful sticky notes;
Marker pens;
Self-adhesive bag

4. Buy colorful sticky notes that are large enough to be able to describe them on your equipment.

5. Before disconnecting the power supply, indicated by the colored petals which cable wire with which and to which output is connected.

6. We recommend using a regimen of letters and numbers which describe additional sheet and give a copy of it to the movers to help you with your relocation.

7. After turning off the power supply and retract the cable, make sure that they are packed well and not liable to get wet during removal.

8. When packing electronics, the use of antistatic extruded polystyrene balls and protivoudaren packaging material is required. Never use materials that conduct electricity, to avoid damage to the electronics during the movement.

9. Disassemble the electronics of its possible components and pack them tightly using antistatic extruded polystyrene beads, scotch tape and protivoudarniya packaging material.

10. Place a thick layer of the same protivudaren packaging material and the bottom of the box, which will carry electronics.

11. Fill the remaining space with extruded polystyrene beads to prevent displacement during the time.

12. Remember when sealing the box to put the note “Fragile” and draw an arrow to indicate the lid of the box.

Note: CD-th and the hardware can not tolerate high temperatures. If you have sensitive electronics, consider whether you could not take it with you in your hand luggage during the movement.