Some Useful Wi- Fi Hardware Tips

Article by Sarah Jones

Some Useful Wi- Fi Hardware Tips – Computers – Software

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If we want to describeWi-Fi we can sum it up as Wireless Networking.It involves connecting your PC to a network by using radio signals and forgetting your cable network hazards. It has a greater range than Bluetooth and stands very useful for offices and homes. Wi-Fi network in every aspect is a strong competitor to any Broad band connection. Through this swapping your files, storing your data and printer sharing becomes easy and simple.

Wi- Fi comprises two speeds 802.11b that is around 11 megabits per second or 801.11g which is around 54 megabits per second. Now if you compare this data with Bluetooth speed 0.57 megabits/sec. Wi-Fi operates in 802.11b/g which is in a frequency of 2.4 GHz.It has a range of 500 feet approximately. While in indoors we can get 150 feet approximately with 802.11- so the protocol will increase upto 802.11n.

There are various kinds of Wi- Fi hardwares in the market and all of them provides value. Some Wi-Fi Hardwares which are used for an uninterrupted Internet Connection are as follows and let’s take a look at them:

Access point of Wi-Fi

This is a wireless connection. It permits the machines for connecting to the network alike Broadband service, in short WAP(Wireless Access Point). The main trade of WAP is to attach several networks to it and then supply an access to the LAN of any office. Thus Wi-Fi enables us to work without wires around us. Thus Wi-Fi connection helps us to access the Internet easily.

Wi-Fi Home Hub(BT)

BT that is Broadband Internet has a sketch to add boxes like this into our homes. Its basically a router of a Wi-Fi connection that we use for our broadband and phones A BT Hub with the packages from Broadband is supplied free of charge. So this Internet connection has become a common feature in our homes as we love surfing.

USB Dongles Mainly Wireless for Wi-Fi

Well this is also an important member among the Hardware of Wi-Fi family. These are small adapters that are plugged into the USB port on your PC and you have to add the Wi- Fi functionality. All this comes at a very low price too. The most used adapter for Wi-Fi is that of Belkin USB Adapter, which supports 802.11g USB 2.0.Thus its fast and always very secure to use.

Laptop cards for Wi-Fi

These cards are mainly PCMCIA, that is it slides into some slots that are specially designed for the function. This will adjoin wireless internet connectivity, Wi-Fi to your laptops. So whenever you are carrying your laptop, search a place having Wi-Fi Internet connectivity, sit there and surf.

So these mentioned Hardwares acts as your ladder for your favorite Wi-Fi Internet connection for PC’s and laptops. Internet Set Up Applications have come a long way and Wi- Fi is a very interesting addition. You can proceed with your work while you are outside your office too. So enjoy seamless Wi- Fi connectivity round the clock and stay happy forever.

About the Author

Sarah Jones, a decade old in the industry, writes on technology and computer-related issues. Her focus is on hardware troubleshooting. Writing on remote support of PC’s is her forte. The informative articles coherently explain technical complications. Sarah, who belongs to Bertford, has an eye for new development in technology and equips her readers with in-depth information on the same.

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Sarah Jones

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