Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Player

Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Player

With a Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Player
You get automatic access to
hunders of hit movies, TV entertainment shows and music ,
get all the new apps delivered to you instantly,
so your tv is never outdated and you are continually
connected to the absolute very best entertainment.

Open tv viewing to world of entertainment where there’s all ways
something on your tv at any time day or night. The Streaming Player
Wi-Fi uses your own existing high-speed internet set up to
instantly send movies, all your TV episodes videos and music from
the likes of Netflix YouTube Amazon Hulu and many more like them
right to your HDTV.And now you can post or tweet what you’re viewing on
Facebook and Twitter with the Socialize button’ useing a

Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Media Player


Sony SMP-N200 Todays Best Price

Countless choices, through 30+ channels, instantly updated
The moment they’re available when they talk about entertainment
just aim for the moon here . Watch your favorite YouTube clips
on your tv screen or catch the newest TV shows on your terms
in crystal clear HD tv . any time day or night

And enjoying you Watching the major names in entertainment is just the beginning.
You will keep getting things like your own yoga training with Tara,and needless to
say you can enjoy the newest TV shows on Hulu Plus™2 and the most terrific movies on Netflix®3. The list continueson and on, and it’s continually expanding
so along with a couple of Sony exclusives channels

so just browse around. The channels that deliver for you
access the premium services like Netflix®? First, you require
to sign on the Streaming Player with Wi-Fi from a pc
through the Sony Essentials web site at

You need to to sign into or register for the services you want with the Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Media Player

Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Media Player with Wi-Fi

  • Wirelessly stream entertainment from Netflix, Pandora & more
  • le to stream 3D3 and up to 1080P2 high definition video
  • Connect to any TV & share music via optional HomeShare speakers
Turn your TV into a smart TV and enjoy wireless access to popular apps like Netflix, HuluPlus, YouTube, Pandora, and Crackle.1 Stream your favorite movies, TV shows, music and more, even in full HD2 and 3D3. Control it all with a simple smartphone app for iPhone and Android.4

List Price: $ 79.99Price: $ 79.99

Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Player
Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Player

Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Player

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