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There is absolutely no question that the iPad dominates the tablet market and its sales talk for themselves. Despite this, several new tablets have emerged in the market recently including the Amazon Kindle Fire and Amazon Kindle Touch. Several online reviews before the release of the tablet have mentioned that the Kindle Fire would be a very successful device by itself probably taking a good stake out of the iPad market. 
Today, a few months after the public release of the new line of Kindles we can sit back and look at the new tablets and compare their capabilities. It is obvious that you can purchase the new Kindle Fire at a much better price than the iPad. 
In addition, use of amazon online coupons can give you significant discounts on cases, peripheral products and other accessories for you Amazon Kindle. You can find those discount codes on several online sites. Just make sure you visit websites that provide online promotional codes directly from Since the online coupon market is oversaturated with several coupon sites and amazon is a popular website, it is not uncommon for some of them to offer free coupons that do not actually reflect real discounts.
Be extremely careful, even with popular websites, when you are redirected to several other web addresses that request for your personal information or ask you to subscribe and pay to redeem your codes. In the majority of cases, this is a common scam and you will not eventually get a discount on your final purchase. Always prefer free coupons that give you discounts and price cuts directly from There are a few sites that offer them and this is the safest way to go as far as discount codes go. 
Going back to the first topic of purchasing an Amazon Kindle Fire, most of the initial public approach to this device has been very warm. This of course does not mean that there are no issues with the device. On the contrary, quite a few have been mentioned such as the absence of external buttons for volume control, the ease with which young kids could order items without any verification resulting in exorbitant charges and other minor problems with the device’s software. 
For example, the Amazon  Kindle Fire’s web browser was supposed to be several times faster than other browsers in the market today. This did not prove to be exactly right since in practice there have been a lot of problems with loading pages. Amazon, through their CEO, Jeff Bezos promised an update to resolve such issues in the future. 
In addition to this, there are other issues regarding the amazon Kindle that have to do more with the actual functionality and purpose of the device than with the technical functions. More specifically, there are several customers that have claimed that we cannot compare the Amazon Kindle Fire with the iPad since their intended roles are completely different. 
The Amazon Kindle is mainly created for consumption of products while the iPad is a device that can also be used for creation and productivity. This must be at least partly true since amazon does not has not yet developed such a great number of third party applications you could find at the Apple iPad store. This means that a lot of the functions that you could perform with an ipad you will just not be able to do with a Kindle Fire. 
And even though the price is much lower and you could get serious discounts with the use of online promotional codes it is still something you should consider before you buy any of the two devices.

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