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About Me (Served Proudly)

About Me.

I started working on the sites a little while back just as a hobby but hobbies cost money as we all know I’m a senior nowadays and an Army veteran

So so I took this Hobby of mine building websites up to the next level this is where you find me,
trying in my own way get a little bit of income/pension cash

If you’re reading this we can’t tell you how glad it makes me you came to My website we set it up to help you in finding Information and Products,,

My plan to give you a hand, and point you in the right direction, At the same time giving you a Few Helpful Hints and Reviews…Our websites are free
Yes we do aim to make a few penny’s from the sites,,,
But that’s from our sponsors! Not,You,Helping us both

As we say in England where I now live. Look after the Penny’s and the Pounds look after them self’ .

So as you leave my site please think about having a quick look at our sponsored links as you go.
“have one of your best days ever”

yours.faithfully Edwin .T. from Mansfield in the heart of Sherwood Forest

Served Proudly


Served Proudly

Served Proudly