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Digital Camera Tips/How to use your Digital SLR Camera


Article by Rodrigo Manguba

Using a Digital Camera is so much fun nowadays when compared to using an old  film camera. The benefit of reviewing the photo on the LCD is just one my favorite feature that I enjoy the most. The digital camera tips on this site  that Iam going to share to you will be mainly for Digital SLR camera users. But people using the point and shoot camera can benefit too because some of this tiny cameras are so very advancing that you can find some of the features of digital SLR a little hard at first but you will get there in a sort time.

My 1st bit of advice for beginners that are on a budget is to try to buy a used Digital SLR camera in Ebay. and a cheap menu books from amazon

    • Digital Photography helpful books for less than $5

     How to use a Digital SLR Camera

    “” The range and quality of Digital DSLR cameras on the market has never been better, but understanding how to use them properly is harder than ever. Follow this guide on how to use one properly.

    The DSLRs can look complicated at first, but they all have fully automatic modes for the less experienced, and the least expensive models are designed specifically for people moving away from compact.

    There are many modes that allow you to take excellent quality pictures with your new digital SLR. Most cameras now come with a ‘live view’ mode in which you can frame your shots with the LCD display on the back on the back of your camera, just as you can with a compact, and this is a feature worth looking out for when looking to buy a new DSLR.

    The autofocus tends to be slightly slower, but it makes it easier to shoot at different angles, and it’s a more familiar way of working if you’re used to a compact.

    The important thing when you are figuring out the proper way to use your camera is that you should simply enjoy using it and get a good feel for it first of all when it is on fully automatic.

    To start, look for a symbol on your camera’s mode dial that looks like a rectangle. When your camera is on automatic, all important settings such as ISO, Aperture and exposure are there for you, taking out the guess work.

    When you have set your camera to the automatic mode, it’s also recommended that your lens is set on automatic focus.


    That is if it has that option. If your lens has an option for automatic focus, you will notice on the side of it the letters AF.  Top tip to get started in fully automatic mode: Firstly press your shutter button half way down, then once it focuses correctly press it the rest of the way down.

    Best Digital SLR Camera Tips

    Six other automatic settings that are useful: Most brands of SLR cameras will have the following modes to help you take excellent pictures.

    • Portrait- Set your digital camera to portrait mode when you’re taking photographs of people. Portrait mode will set the image colour for skin tone perfectly.
    • Landscape- Set your camera to this mode when you’re taking photos of landscapes. For example if your photographing beach or mountain sceneries.

    Using the automatic setting will get you started in using the manual settings later on, as well as any extra modes that your brand of camera might offer.

    One of the most important skills for a beginner to learn from the start is how to focus properly. Using a digital SLR camera will become very frustrating if you don’t understand how to set the focus on the exact object you are trying to photograph.

    By setting your camera to AF-area mode (autofocus) to one of the main focal points on your camera, on most brands it’s the ‘P’ dial that will help you focus.

    Most cameras are easy to use so select a brand you are comfortable with as this could be a long term decision: many photographers only buy particular brands forever “”

    from a article

    from a article By Sarah K

      At   http://www.pluggedin.co.uk/article/how-to-use-a-digital-slr-camera


Gardening Basics .

Now days Many people do gardening as a daily pastime for many reasons but now days with money as it is , There are some people who take their gardens very very seriously, and become experts and enter them selfs into expert gardening contests! However, most gardeners are either newbies or seasoned green thumbs who just enjoy making their flower and vegetable beds look lovely and presentable like me. But whatever your interest in planting be it flowers or vegetable or like me both, you should take steps to be safe in the garden.

One of the worst things that can happen while you are gardening is that you can get dehydrated. Being outside in the heat can sap your energy and hydration level pretty fast, so be sure to keep a cup of cool water in the shade near by to you, and take breaks often. if your as old as me that’s for sure,,Make sure you rest in a shaded area so you do not get sunburned while you are inactive. And speaking of sunburns I know all about it As i have had a good few oops for skin cancers, but i am clean now and have been the past few years so cover up .

I must say in the army and later as a bricklayer we never did that ,cover up so being of a light skin type ,,the skin cancers

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Gardening Basics  tips

The sun can get hot and cause your skin some major damage if you do not protect it with some sunscreen. Check the sun protection factor (or SPF) level on your sunscreen and make sure it is at least SPF 15 or higher. You also must remember to reapply it every hour or two, because even if the SPF level is high, you will sweat it off depending on how long you are outside. Keep in mind that the sun’s rays can get to you every day, even (and especially) when it is cloudy. Another thing you should use to help protect you from the sun is a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses, if necessary.

Protect Yourself from Bugs

Keeping your skin safe from bugs that like to suck your blood is important while you are out in the garden. Be sure to wear breathable pants tucked into your socks and lightweight long sleeved shirts. There are even some types of clothing that come with insect repellent built in, so you might want to consider investing in those. Use bug repellent; the best ones contain a product called DEET.

Gardening Basics  tips

If you must lift a heavy object like a rock or some heavy equipment, be sure to bend at the knees. Do not use your back to lift, as this can cause major back strain. Lower yourself down on your heels, bending your knees as you go down, and use the strength in your legs to lift.

Gardening Basics  tips

Take care of your gardening tools, and keep them in working order. Sharpen your pruning shears, because dull shears are actually more of a hazard than sharp ones. Check all your tools and make sure they are not rusting or falling apart.

If your Tall or Small  Amazon as it all, but never buy without reading the reviews

Be Careful With Pesticides

If you use pesticides in your garden, make sure you wear proper protective gear before using it on your plants. You can end up inhaling some chemicals that can cause major health problems. Also make sure to avoid working with dangerous chemicals, like pesticides, on windy days. The wind can spread these chemicals far and really make someone sick; surely you do not want to be held responsible for that!

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

 Gardening Basics  tips


Lisa AndrewsFlower Tips for Active Gardeners

TIP Eating many believe one of the best diet tips is no breakfast,NO
TIP Drink lots of water to get rid your body of toxins.YES
TIP Smoking and drinking can be very harmful for the body .YES
TIP Apply a mixture of honey and milk to smoothen your skin.YES
TIP Start to Clip and use grocery store coupons ect . YES
TIP Don’t try to remember everything! Write it down .YES
TIP Get that job Have a killer Resume Spend time perfecting it ,YES
TIP Read your own killer Resume and learn it well ,YES
TIP stop window shopping. you won’t spend if you do, YES
TIP Stock up on great deals,only buying what you’ll actually use ,YES

Trowel and Error: Over 700 Tips, Remedies and Shortcuts for the Gardener

Ever since she was old enough to help her grandmother in the garden, Sharon Lovejoy has spent her life working with plants--and along the way, through "trowel and error," she's accumulated hundreds and hundreds of remedies, tips, short-cuts, and cure-alls. Now Ms. Lovejoy--author of Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots and the award-winning Sunflower Houses--does for the garden what Heloise or the Queen of Clean does for the household. Trowel and Error collects all of her homespun garden advice into an inviting, environmentally friendly, whimsically illustrated yet dead-on helpful book that will benefit every gardener, beginner or experienced.

Cure plant viruses with spoiled milk. Steep a natural and effective insecticide out of fresh basil. Place flat stones under squash or melons to hasten ripening. Recycle an old apple corer as the perfect dibber for muscari and other small bulbs. Start rosemary cuttings in a green glass bottle. Sprinkle baby powder over seedlings to discourage rab
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Tips4you.in,Direction Finder, Tips
Tips4you.in,Direction Finder, Tips
Tips4you.in,Direction Finder, Tips

Tips4you.in,Direction Finder, Tips