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Audio cables are just as important as the audio itself. If you don’t have good cables you’ll lose a lot of quality and this can be disappointing. There are two important factors in audio cables, and it is the resistance of the cable and secondly the shielding of the cables.

First things first, There is a lot of cables and you must know what you want to achieve with the cable. Let’s talk about the cable itself, we are looking for a cables with as low resistance and possible if you can go for gold. What this means is the less the resistant the better the audio signal you will get. If you use a cables with high resistance then you will lose a lot of level (SPL) this means low signal high noise.

The shielding is important in signal quality and strength. There is a few shielding techniques and is a follow.

1. You get the shielding with the foil around, this gives a 100% shielding and is great for all kinds of installed setups and will block all outside interference.

And is not very flexible.

2. Wrapped cable, this is very flexible, but will wear out in time. Is mostly used for microphones, microphone cables need to be able to flex a lot.

There is a lot more shielding types out there.

There is one more tip in audio cables and this is you can get gold plated connectors. Gold plated connectors are a new advantage we have. Why we use gold, gold is the best conductor of electricity, and with sound the better the cable can conduct electricity the better the signal strength will be.

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