GroupOn was very successful with huge discounts to consumers free of charge when passing small to medium-sized companies the power of advertising. This is the wave of the future, and the market is wide open for companies that follow the same business model of collective buying, a billion dollar company almost overnight made the GroupOn.

In the following table shows clearly the most important differences as money go to offered, and the customer advantage program clearly has the advantage in the long run.

Significant discount offers
Although the most GroupOn reviews positive I believe the differences were the offers
Customer benefit give it an A + rating. There are other sites like GroupOn, but none of them provide what that provide customer benefit.

“The customer benefit”

WINS over GroupOn:

1. Due to the paid to subscribers – commissions they
are much more motivated to support and respond to local
Companies that encourage the customer advantage program
rather than a GroupOn deal.

2. Companies can now earn money their customer base
by them to subscribe to the customer advantage program. This
no alternative available, is if you a GroupOn Business.The are potential
Response from their customers and their references to special offers from
other local companies adds additional revenue. Think about it, Joe’s
Sandwich shop called advantage 1,000 customers to the customer.

Other and this additional have referred to each of them
People have to continue to refer hundreds more. These people are
respond to a 50% off at Sally’s flower shop. Joe’s sandwich shop
Continue to benefit these purchases, even if they happen in
another city or State.

3.Non can also participating organisations, associations and organizations
This means candy bar sales are gone forever! Simply subscribe to the
Components for free and they encourage to share it with their friends
and family. The organization can thousands of dollars per month by make
simply use multiple generations of referrals
clearly cheap, discount deals from area merchants.

To view the customer advantage program go to

The customer advantage
No obligations – no contracts – no. of Autoships
No products – for free
No hidden agenda – no upgrades
This is free of charge – always and forever

The customer advantage is best understood by viewing short and powerful video below. This is the easiest business in the world. (1) Join for free, free always, no catch or upgrade…EVER (2) Save 50-90% on local products and services (3) share to earn a new lifestyle.

You spend money on…
Hairdressers, restaurants, dry cleaning, movies, auto-tune-ups, massages, shoes, oil change, manicure, auto detailing, gyms, clothing, hotels, computer, home repairs, electronics, theater, Spa, sport

If you want to save 50-90% on these purchases?
A daily offers will be sent every day to you. Products/services, you would buy anyway!

Want to earn $119,560 monthly?
~ ~ The potential income is simply mind

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