Your Questions About Videos Games Wiki

Nancy asks…

Are wiki’s for video games associated with wikipedia itself?

Like Guild Wiki or Halo Wiki. Im wondering if you get banned from those, will you get banned from all wikipedias? Im not planning on going on a spamming spree or something, Im just confirming this.

admin answers:

You misunderstand. A wiki is just a type of website, in the way that a forum is a type of website or a first-person shooter is a type of videogame.

Wikipedia helped start a particular wiki engine called MediaWiki, and this is used to run both Wikipedia and Wikia wikis—it’s developed primarily for Wikipedia, but it’s open-source and anyone can download it from . You can run it on anything from a laptop to a whole farm of servers—anything that can act as a web-server, really.

There isn’t any special connection between Wikipedia and these other wikis. The only wikis Wikipedia is associated with are the wikis run by the Wikimedia Foundation, including the following:
Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikinews, Wikimedia Commons, Wikibooks, Wikisource, Wikiversity, Wikispecies, Wikiquote, and a few other more “meta” wikis. I repeat Wikipedia because not only are there other projects, but also other language editions for each project: each is a separate wiki and it’s entirely possible to be banned on one language edition and not another—there are stories here and there of users who are admins on one edition and banned from another.

Even then, being banned on one of those wikis doesn’t mean you’ll be banned on all of the others—though it does happen sometimes, generally, blocks only apply to the wiki on which they’re made.

I get the impression that Wikia accounts (Wikia runs most of the video game wikis) are more linked—so maybe it’s the case that if you got banned on Guild Wiki you’d be banned on Halo Wiki as well. But I’m no expert on Wikia’s setup.

Carol asks…

What video game should I make a Wiki on?

What video game should I make a Wiki on? I have thought of a Viva pinata wiki, a Endless ocean wiki, and even a Kirby wiki. Any more ideas for KIDS games that I should make a wiki on?

admin answers:


Linda asks…

Would anyone like to contribute to my free simple english video game wiki?

please let me know if your going to be helping out thank you much. ~~~~

admin answers:

I’ll think about it ….

Sandy asks…

Who would like to contribute to my free Simple English Video Game Wiki?

thank you.
anyone who would like to contribute please let me know in your post. thank you ~~~~

admin answers:

It’s average.

Ruth asks…

Which of these video games is the worst of all time?

admin answers:

What really makes a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad game?

I’m gonna go basic here and say unplayability (whether this is based on bad graphics, bad controls, bad concept, or bad direction is not important) so the worse the game, the more unplayable it is.

So it’s hard to say which is the worst game of all time since the worst game would get the least play and the least available empirical data to judge it as such. So let’s just lump them in with all the other crap games at a 0.

It’s not a question of hating games, since hating still meant some kind of irrational attachment, you still care, in a way. With terrible games, it’s more like you nothing them.

Sandra asks…

If there was gay characters in games,would people stop buying them?

I would still buy a game if it was good,but is it time now for game creators to ‘expand’ abit?
Maxis-the creator of ‘the sims’ series is the only company i think.
Oh if people got the wrong idea about what i said,i think its time for more gayness to be shown in games.
But,i am not talking about what you can or can’t do in the sims anyway.i am talking about ALL video games ya know?or did i not say that?
Since noone reads anymore i will just leave this question hanging!

admin answers:

If anyone decide to not buy a game based on the sexual preference of the characters, I think he might just be one of the most obnoxious moron ever.

Seriously, we’re in 2009, get over it.

Daniel asks…

What games are you looking forward to in 2010?

I cant wait for MoH
Also Red Dead Redemption
Do you have any sleepers?

admin answers:

Like you said, Red Dead Redemption looks awesome.

Also, I am looking forward to The Last Guardian
It’s made by the people who made Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, which were games I really liked.

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