Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords.

what are Keywords?

What is a keyword?

A keyword a the phrase thats  type
into Google (or any search engine)
when looking for something ie the phrase.

SAY you wanted a better mortgage deal, you might type in ‘mortgage rates’.  In this case mortgage rates is a keyword.   If you wanted to get better at golf, you might type in ‘improve my golf swing’.  In this case, improve my golf swing is a keyword.

keywords  are used all the time – whether you were accustomed to it or not.  each time you pattern a search – you use keywords.

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the long  the Short and theTail

Iam betting  you havehave heard of long and short tail keywords.

If you haven’t yet – you will soon!

they are just saying how many actual words are in a keyword.

Well lets imagine you go to Google and search for ‘cheap hotel accommodation for students in New York.’

This is counted as a long tail – as there are 8 actual words that you have typed.

This means that the results will be more focused – than if – let’s say – you typed in just ‘New York Hotels’.

In this second example – New York Hotels is known as a short tail keyword – as there are only 3 actual words.

Now…here’s the thing.

You will get MORE results for short tail keywords – but there will also be MORE competition.

The secret is – to find popular LONG tail keywords – that do not have that much competition.

The idea being – it is much better to get SOME traffic from a keyword that may not have quite as many searches – than NO traffic from a keyword that  is SO competitive you don’t stand a chance of ever getting noticed.

understanding  why keywords are so important – you need this to understand how the web works.

The better use of popular keywords you have – the higher in Google’s listing you will appear – resulting in more exposure of your site.

when have a list of strong keywords – all you have to do is make sure that you use your keywords on the  web page(s) you make.

doroping them all over your web page(s) with ‘search engine rich’ keywords will make you a favorite amongst the search engines.  And they reward your work with higher listings.

Simply put – getting keywords right – can generate a HUGE amount of FREE traffic to your site (this is known in the business as SEO – Search Engine Optimization).

And it really is not difficult to do.

Although the correct term is keyword – a keyword can
actually contain a few words.

For example – although ‘improve my golf swing’
is actually FOUR separate words –
it is counted as ONE keyword.

(I prefer to use therefore the term keyphrase –
but keyword is the universally used term).


How to find keywords?

firstly determine the best keywords to describe your site?  The bottom line is – you have to think like a google robot

use your own site as an example (or your eventual site if you haven’t created it yet).

the  sites theme of your site?  What is its subject matter?  What product or service are you offering?

Just and ask yourself – if you were looking for a site such as yours- which words would you type into a search engine?

Of course you will be able to think of a few – but they may not be the best.  You need to figure out the most effective keywords.

And there are many tools on the web that can help.




All you do – is type in the words that you can think of – and then with the click of a button – dozens (if not hundreds) of related keywords will appear.

The first link above also gives a DAILY total of how many people are searching using certain keywords – so you can see exactly how HOT (or not) certain keywords are.

I’ve made you this following video to show you how easy finding and using keywords is.


What do I do with the keywords once I have them?

Once you have built a list of solid, powerful keywords – all you have to do is use them!  And by that I mean completely use them in your web page(s).

The more you use extended keywords – the more search engines will love you.

The more search engines love you – the higher you will appear in their listings.

The higher your appear in their listings – the more people will see your site.

All it takes is a little effort to search for keywords that are extended in your particular niche.

It’s incredible how numerous people don’t do this.

Keyword rich content is splendid search engine fodder to produce FREE traffic to your site.d to it or not.  every time you behavior a search – you use keywords.

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