numerous years

I have spent numerous years as a Internet marketer and know from personal experiences how complicated it constantly is to start generating money when you are new to this and just trying to get on and get started

if you dont have a mentor that is.very hard in deed. But you and any individual that cant do it ,but maybe require a mentor then try the free mentor help, from chrisThere are hundreds, if not thousands of books and courses that have been published on“

How to make cash Online” and most of them are spam or just plain impossible for the beginner to benefit from alone.. A typical scenario goes something like this: Go to which is free to join and has over ten,000 ite ms to comercialize online.elect a good product and then go to Google and use Adwords to get targeted traffic ( means people seeking for what you’re selling) and you’ll shortly be rolling in the money.SURE!

I’m not saying that is wrong advice but I am saying that through 90% of the people that try that will lose money!and need a mentor How to go about deciding a good product to sell. How in the world you supposed to do that? Most guides will describe you to look at the popularity of the product or its Gravity Rating in order to

you can see which products are selling and actually bringing in good cas h for other affiliatesmany that are mentored by the likes of chirs farrell and others. Yes all this is good advice as a product that shows low gravity or extremely poor on the popularity scale has possibly been tried by loads of others before you that have already proven

that it just does not sell, so yes,it’s absolute that you also keep away from it too or waste/ money. But now take one of the well-rated products that other affiliates are obviously making good cash with and is a tested goo d seller…Is this something that will work for you? possibly not!!!

,but perhaps it would if you had a mentor like say farrell chris that is sorry!For example, there is a product out there called Google Assassin, Just an example iam not selling it ok – the same could be said and would be true of any of the good products It is not the best ranked in its class fication but does show extremely good popularity gravity scores –

this is a product that is generating money for its affiliates, no question about it. Go to Google and type in Google Assassin and OMG there are more than 2.0 million websites that are shown for that product in the search results. Now start clicking on a few of those listings…that are your competition should you choose additionally try and sell this same product

Well yesree!, the sites that you have found out on the first couple of pages 70% of the traffic is there too are either selling all sorts of extra bonuses ect not the standard affiliate page that a fact to get the sale or are paying closeto $1 a click for Adwords traffic If you are a new marketer then I’m going to guess that you aren’t ready to design your own pages, find and add bonuses to offer and then optimize your site in order to Google will like it well enough to show your listing on the first or second page

ahead of the rest right. so that alternative is out.and dont you think you to pay $1 a click for Adwords traffic. OK – that leaves Pay-Per-Click on Google Adwords. There have been many books written on Google Adwords and i am not going to try to re-visit all of that information here. Just know that you are mainly bidding for position and that the amount of cash you bid for each click will be the most important circumstance in determining where Google will display your ad. (Yes, there is additionally the VERY IMPORTANT quality score but we’re by no means going into that now).

In a competitive field like generating money, weight loss, purchasing insurance,etc., you can expect to pay anywhere from $1 to $6 per cli ck to get on the first page of results (where all the traffic is – nobody clicks by means of to see who has an ad on page 300 lol). So now we have another trouble – a very trmendous problem in that the average conversion rate for almost all pr oducts is between 1% to 3% meaning that only 1to 3 people out of 100 visitors actually purchases.This signifies that if you should get 100 visitors on your PPC ad at $1 a click and sell only 1 of them you have lost cash as you would have paid $100 in click costs and earned a $75 commission on a purchase of Google Assassin (and that happens to be a many more than the average commission)

. FACT: Most people lose cash in PPC promoting and require a mentor . chris farrell does coaching and training and constantly advise his students to avoid Google PPC except they undoubtedly have an exceptional web page (not a standard affiliate page) that can transform sales much higher than the averages. Otherwise, they are just asking for Google to chew by means of their bank account so dam quick with the ads now here to be seen that will get sales This usually signifies they have created a markedly impressive page that offers information and extra bonuses that aren’t available if the product is purchased from someone else.

This is NOT something that most new online marketers can successfully do with out a mentor . OK – I have given you what I know to be true from my personal experience when I was initiating out and what I see as a fact with the numerous need a mentor


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from home
Hi there I don’t have a natural aptitude for sales or for that matter marketing. oh yes I wish most of the time I did

I was a bricklayer before I retired and army vet, I’m envious of the golden tongued marketing people the the words words rolling from their lips just Like golden eggs landing on the pages from a goose.

As you see I dont have that in me!! to talk the talk
but I spent every last penny
I had on ebooks Training courses, materials ect
Looking the Magic FORMULA, that would one day be the goose that would lay me some golden eggs.

I have found it Its the same as when I was in the army and bricklaying

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