Your Questions About Videos Games Cheats

Michael asks…

Are there any cheats for any of the Christian video games?

And wouldn’t that be sort of hypocritical? I mean if you are truly Christian and not lying, stealing and cheating, why would you be looking for cheat codes?

This question occured to me today when seeing all the dozens of questions about video game cheat codes. Please take it in the sense of humor in which it was asked.
“Left Behind” is one that comes to mind.

admin answers:

There is Christian video games? Wow… Learn something new every day.

Anyway, I doubt the games would be manufactured with enough technology, so no cheats would made. However, would hacking count? If so, yes.

Robert asks…

What websites is most recommend for video games cheats?

admin answers: is very useful

Laura asks…

Why do people want cheats so much in video games? I mean what is the point of playing the game if you’re…

if you’re gonna just cheat to win. The whole game is about trying to win urself. Cheating is not going to get you anyplace good in life. Cause if you cheat on video games then that means you don’t feel like playing the game. Then don’t buy the game. Common sense, people. Well if you learned more about cheating you discover nothing good. And if you win by cheating then you are a sore loser. You don’t cheat in baseball. Why would you cheat in games? Cheating is bad because it is a waste of ur time and sometimes money, you don’t gain experience, and if it is a video game then it is a waste of time and sometimes other things. Cheating is worse than you know it. Anybody agree with me? Anyone? Well I only have 207 letters left to type in my detail box so I gotta stop. Just think about it.

admin answers:

For some people, cheating is the only way they can win. They have no gamming skills, so they revert to cheating. In this instance, you are 100% correct in your argument. They are just wasting time, not gaining the real fun/experience of the game, and are typically just a sore loser.

However, what about those that “cheat” after say… like they have already beaten the game? Does that make them sore losers? I mean they have already won… Typically, (and even I am guilty of this) I will utilize a cheat after successfully beating a game to gain a fresher/different view of the game. After I beat a game, (especially if I have purchased it) there is no more interests in the game – I would usually probably never play it again. However, with the inclusion or new experience of having, unlimited life, or extra money, or access to your full arsenal – wouldn’t that make the game a more fun experience? That would certainly motivate you to play it again as you would be experiencing something new.

Also, it is worth mentioning that although they are called “cheats,” not all codes are the product of some diabolical person hacking the system for personal gain. Some cheats are actually built in by the makers of the game for your fun. Some of them even have a cheat code section, where you enter in a controller combination or an access code to unlock them for game play. So, while I agree with your argument – you must understand that cheating is not like the real world – it is for entertainment only – so because you can cheat there does not always mean you’ll cheat in life. Same as killing in a game does not mean you will kill in real life.

Susan asks…

Where can you find the best video games cheats in the Internet?

admin answers:

Personally i get mine from they have just about every game on every console and they have forums for the most popular.

Edit- The guy on top of me beat me by 17.5s. Hehe (before edited)

John asks…

Are there any cheats for the following video games?

The video games I need cheats for are:
The sims 3 (e for everyone, sadly)
Pokemon platinum
Animal crossing, wild world
New super Mario bros.
Petz hamsterz 2
Nintendogs, chihuahua
Star wars the complete saga
Zoo tycoon 2

All ds games.

admin answers:

Yes there are ar cheats for all of them

Donald asks…

How do people discover cheats in video games ??

How do people discover cheats in video games ??

admin answers:

Thru the internet )

Jenny asks…

Who programmed video game cheats on the game?

You know the cheats you use on video games? Who programmed them? The game developers or is it really a glitch in the game?

admin answers:

The game developers put them in obviously or they wouldn’t work. If it was a glitch in the game you’d need other software to create a command (i.e. Type this in and spawn this or get this).

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