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Article by Cory Moore

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When the body is run down, or experiencing an illness, Reiki healing stones can really help. Many people look at them and see them as just pretty rocks. On the contrary, healing gemstones can help change the energy in a human body just by being near. Understanding the holistic healing process specifically Reiki healing, can help you better understand how certain reiki healing stones can help with specific ailments.

Everyone is familiar with the physical body. It is the one you look at every day in the mirror. You can feel it and see it. However, there are other parts of your body, that unless you are in tune, remain more subtle to you. Those would be the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. You may be feeling badly physically or mentally, but can’t put your finger on why. These are the more subtle feelings.

You have several systems in your body: circulatory, nervous, and skeletal. You also have several organs in your body that function through those systems: brain, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, and spleen. Together, those systems and organs work to keep your physical body alive. Sometimes, they get out of balance and cause health problems. The healing stones help those body functions come into balance when they are out by channeling the bad energy from the body through the stone to help the body heal.

The healing stones are often used in conjunction with the Chakra. The Chakra are seven points in the body that receive, connect, and express the life force energy. The seven Chakras that can easily be effected by the stones are the head (crown chakra), forehead (third-eye chakra), throat chakra, heart chakra, upper abdomen (solar plexus chakra), lower abdomen (sakral chakra), and base of the spine (root chakra). Each chakra utilizes a specific healing gemstone to help the body.

You can buy healing stones online and in various metaphysical shops in your area. There are many guides and books that can illustrate how to use them properly to get the best results.

It is best to get someone who is trained and qualified to examine you to find any blockages you may have in your chakras. A Reiki healing specialist can use the healing stones to help release blockages in your energy outlets and make you feel better, mentally, physically and spiritually. Healing stones come in many different types and styles. They each have a purpose to help heal specific issues in the body.

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