Reiki and Energy Healing

Article by Lewis Harrison

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Reiki and Energetic HealingVirtually all energetic healing systems work with calls “The Wireless Anatomy.” This is that part of us that exists prior to, through and around all the other physical systems. It is the foundation of the nervous system, the circulatory system and can be influenced through touch, visualization, touch, Feng Shui and other energetic systems, the inserting of needles into specific points and even through inhaling aromatic oils or using needles on specific reflexes on the body. It is the Chi that exists in each of us. Also known as Life Force, Ki, Prana and Qi, it is the source of all healing and rejuvation.. Vibrational healing does not require hands on contact. It works totally on an energetic level, as opposed to a physical level. Its purpose is to release the body’s own self-healing energy wherever it may be blocked.

Benefits of Energetic Healing: Greater sense of spiritual awareness

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