Lower Back Pain: How I Eliminated 35 Years of Back Pain in 3 Weeks: Without Drugs, Invasive Procedures, or Silly Exercises

Lower Back Pain: How I Eliminated 35 Years of Back Pain in 3 Weeks: Without Drugs, Invasive Procedures, or Silly Exercises View on Amazon
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How is it possible for someone to go over three decades with the same pain and no lasting relief despite myriad different treatments?
How is it possible for just one therapist to figure out what is causing the problem, address it, and eliminate it in only 3 weeks?
The events in this book are based on one of the true cases in the practice of Israel “Coach Izzy” Sanchez, a renowned strength coach and pain therapist. He looked past the symptoms others thought were the cause and in doing so, helped this patient regain an active and pain-free life.
The insightful, provocative, and straightforward step-by-step analysis will take you through an eye opening journey and show you how our penchant for overlooking the obvious perpetuates painful conditions. Israel’s approach while science based, is considered puzzling by those who arrive to his practice for the first time. This bewilderment vanishes when patients realize he is integrating many approaches into one method to unravel the body’s mysteries and guide them to a path of recovery and self-sufficiency.

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Customer Reviews

Very interesting take on a complicated subject

 March 22, 2012
By David B. Feig

I am a physician and I have experience in sports medicine and family medicine. Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people will visit their doctor. Unfortunately, not many doctors are well trained how to handle back pain. I remember when I was in med school and my own roommate at the time had had a physical. When he asked about some occasional back pain, the answer he got from that doctor was “Oh you are just getting old!”

Unfortunately I have seen too many patients from other doctors that had a “normal” MRI and were told they must be faking about the back pain. I’ve seen others that just get pain meds and no physical therapy. Its actually kind of insane that so many insurances will happily pay for pain med prescriptions but not for the more expensive but more effective physical therapy.

I am a firm believer in physical fitness and exercise. Therefore its very important to make sure the muscles that support your joints are strong and well developed. The spine is no exception.

When you consider how many people have sedentary work, sit at a desk all day, and have tight hip flexors and weak core strength, its a wonder back pain is not more common.

I think using the principles in this book , addressing any leg length discrepancies and working with a good neurosomatic therapist is a great way to adress your back pain without potentially dangerous and habit forming drugs.

Full disclosure–I have also been a patient of Coach Izzy and I learned at least as much from him about my own back issues than I did many of the doctors I trained with.

Please note he is NOT a chiropractor–The kind of training he had focuses much more on the muscles and their relationship.

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