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Are your cabinets and computer filled with pictures and no one get a chance to see? Think outside of the album with these creative ways to display the faces of people you love. A boat smart image retains these precious memories and transforms an ordinary object into a family heirloom.

A bonus: You can use a computer, color copier or a craft punch to select and highlight the sweet little things from pictures, because there are a number of digital camera tips that helps in making half-dozen pictures perfect.

Photo crafts are a great way to bring the family and pictures of friends in a dorm room. Here is an easy way to create a unique pencil cup by using a simple digital photography tip. Take a useful pencil cup, twine a filmstrip graphic around it, inset photos and voila, a charming remainder of the house that takes no extra space.

Here is what you will need to do for this freebie photo craft:


A clean, empty can
2. Photos
3. A printer plus plain white papers
4. Double-stick tape and mod Podge

Download the filmstrip graphic, or make one yourself by opening a new Word document. Spread a layer of Mod Podge on the surface of the can, and wrap the decorative filmstrips around it. Print copies of your pictures and cut into strips 1 inch tall. Try to select portrait photos that are captured by considering fine portraits tips to make the pencil cup more appealing. Place a strip of double-stick tape at the center of each film. Arrange photos attractively, so they resemble cells in the film. Fill with pencils and other school supplies, and place on the desk of the dormitory!

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