10 Steps To Making Efficient Use Of Your Far Infrared Therapy Blanket

Article by A.J. Joseph

What is a far infrared blanket you may ask? This is something similar to a sleeping bag, but, it’s not meant for sleeping for extended periods of time. It looks a bit spacey, like something straight out of a sci fi movie. The primary use of this is to have your own far infrared thermal treatment system within the comfort of your home. The official name is a Far Infrared Cocoon System. When you’re inside, it looks like you’re a giant toothpaste tube, because your head is the only thing sticking out.

What are far infrared rays? Well, these are basically the invisible rays from the sun, which you feel as warmth. Apparently, solar rays are composed of 80% far infrared rays. Also, they are the safest and most beneficial, as the far infrared rays energize cells, inner tissue, and all the organs beneath the skin. It’s not to be mistaken with the Near infrared rays, which is the heat you feel when you place your hand near a kettle, an open flame or a hot surface. Far infrared rays can be equated to chi. This is also known as ki, prana, life force, orgone. It’s the energy emitted by the qi gong practitioners or touch healers, and even reiki practitioners.

Now for the benefits: Far infrared thermal treatment has been proven in scientific studies to be one of the most effective ways of removing toxic heavy metal and pesticide residue. The thing that makes far infrared thermal treatment so effective is that far infrared rays penetrate deep into the body’s tissues, as compared to near infrared rays. Using the Far Infrared Thermal Treatment blanket is like getting an internal body workout. It stimulates your internal organs to detoxify, and speed up or slow down the body’s processes, depending on what is needed. When I use the far infrared blanket/ cocoon system, it feels as if the far infrared energy from the blanket goes to where the body needs it the most. For example, when I am developing a cold, or feel the oncoming of a respiratory infection, I jump into the blanket, and it’s like my lungs are absorbing all that life force. Good stuff. That’s just my experience.

It’s really quite amazing how much one can sweat in such a life giving device. I sweat buckets, as if I just came straight out of the shower. This is especially pronounced when I’m feeling the onset of illness. This detox business is no joke.

The Do’s and Don’ts of using the Far Infrared Thermal Treatment Blanket:Do:1. Drink plenty of water- 8 ounces per 15 minute session (green tea or green powder like green magma);2. Take supplements- I personally take multivitamins, glutathione, milk thistle, omega 3-6-9 blend;3. Drink plenty of water after your far infrared session;4. If you sweat easily, ensure you have a large towel as an extra layer;5. Ensure you wear socks;6. You have a clean and relaxing environment;7. You have some relaxing material to watch or listen to;8. Have some Lysol or disinfectant spray handy;9. Take a shower upon completion of the far infrared thermal treatment session- this is to ensure that the toxins released through the sweat glands are washed off thoroughly;10. Air dry the cocoon blanket upon completion of your session;

Don’t:1. Drink artificially flavored and colored beverages, eg pop, soda, 2. Use the blanket immediately after eating;3. Use after the immediate consumption of alcohol;4. Wear shoes when using the blanket;5. Use on an uneven surface.

I hope this helps with your quest for optimum health and wellbeing.

There are various versions of the Far Infrared Therapy Devices Available. You can choose either the Far Infrared Therapy Dome or the Far Infrared Therapy Sauna Blanket.

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