Furniture Furniture Store Marketing Decisive Move To Increase Sales Is Key

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Furniture store furniture products and consumers to meet directly where the first position the furniture sales. Segments in each channel, furniture store furniture industry is the last decisive battle. However, in the Chinese furniture market, most of the furniture store still at the stage of extensive business management, the rising cost of shop, store sales have gradually declined. Especially in the financial crisis, how to increase sales of furniture stores, has become a marketing manager for the furniture they been thinking of the problem. Since the outbreak of the financial crisis has the greatest impact on the furniture business than a professional foreign trade based furniture company. Almost instantaneously, many furniture companies suffered a blow. Although the domestic furniture industry, such as foreign trade enterprises are not subject to the same blow, but the business of sales of furniture stores were mostly unsatisfactory. A lot of advertising spending and strong sales did not bring the expected results, which for long-term growth in moderate condition in the furniture business is undoubtedly a challenge. The face of financial difficulties and how to minimize the financial crisis impact on furniture sales, furniture dealers become an urgent need to solve many problems. Huang Jiyi that differentiate display of furniture products, customer intelligence, initiative relations, promotions, benefits, service, function integration, is the current worth of furniture manager of the solution. In fact, the emphasis on the role of furniture stores, has long been the consensus of the people, furniture stores furniture business has also become a marketing model has been widely used. The terms specific to the operational level, most of the furniture store still at the stage of extensive business management: furniture stores posted a few POP, put a few door panels, and the furniture dealers improve relationships, to do with gold sales. The result: furniture store packing all done, losing characteristics difficult to arouse the attention of consumers; passengers love the relationship became more than a promotional bonus back to you 50 I 100, but more and more difficult to achieve the desired effect, and even make some of the furniture shop Shopping guide officers demanded, the high cost of sales. Therefore, to furniture stores increment, it must be based on the current market trend of the furniture shop operators to make new adjustments to make in the furniture store marketing new ideas. 1, differential display of furniture products, to ensure that the products can “jump” out of Furniture furniture store marketing display is the basic link, usually we call it the hardware, “and more, all good, new” are the basic requirements. In general, the “many” and “all” involved in the furniture industry’s input costs, while the “good” and “new” is embodied in the furniture business furniture, packaging and furniture store display of creativity and execution. Furniture furniture store display packaging differentiation, is to ask furniture stores to get out of the basic requirements and forms, made fresh, from the usual way out of furniture on display to attract the attention of consumers, the effective contrast manufacture or sale of the atmosphere, in order to facilitate purchase basis. Few days ago, Huang Jiyi to Chongqing, a furniture company to do the training, the visit of the company’s self-furniture shops, hardware stores are not only “many” and “full”, and very high-end, each table is on the brand Notebook It even high-end furniture store in Shanghai is not like, but the software is doing poorly, in addition to the price tag, almost no words to explain to the furniture. Thus, Huang Jiyi the veterans of the furniture industry, said: The money you spend spend, but do not need money, and very many things that you do not. Although the furniture shop furniture on display inside and outside the packaging and concept is similar in large, but smart marketers of furniture which will always find in this new form of packaging and display techniques, skillfully delivered furniture business philosophy and brand image. This area there are many examples worth learning: for example, in IKEA (see map) in the display area, one a separated display unit, respectively, show how the different functional areas with unique effects of different furniture. Each IKEA stores have a team of professional decorators, they are responsible for frequent adjustment of the display area. Adjusted to meet the basic requirements of living conditions of ordinary people at home. Such as the back wall height of 2.9 meters, this is the story of ordinary housing, too low to the customer with a wrong impression to make the wrong purchase decision, the color of the back wall must also be neutral, consistent with the habit of daily life.

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