Shopping For Kids Tips On How To Shop For Clothing For Kids

Article by Joe Haworth

Shopping For Kids Tips On How To Shop For Clothing For Kids

First and foremost, you should always keep in mind that your baby will grow and grow fast, so purchasing sizes one up is always a good move. Same thing goes for shopping for someone else. Many people fail to realize that standard clothing won’t fit or only fit for a short period of time. It is best to shop for one or two size up when shopping for your kids or gifts.

Since, kids outgrow their clothing fast; parents should always look for bargains. Local stores do have a lot of bargains and sales, but who has the time to visit store by store? Nowadays, you can do just about all your shopping through web stores. You can even buy thrift clothing (usually used) at auction sites like However, finding the right clothing shop can be easily achieved by searching through search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

There are numerous sites like Clothing For Kids, where they have different brands, types, and style of babies clothing. This particular site even donates its portion of net revenue to charities which will make you, the shopper, feeling good by simply shopping with them.

Shopping during off-season is another good way to find bargains. Brick/mortar and online stores have excess inventory during the seasonal change. When this occurs, you can purchase new clothing for fraction of the price. Seasonal shopping is the best way to say money on new brand name clothing.

Toddler Clothing vs. Baby Clothing

Many new parents have hard time distinguishing baby clothing and toddler clothing especially when the sizes tend to overlap between the two. So, what’s the difference? Toddler clothing are for toddlers that are going through potty training and learning how to clothes themselves. It’s easy to pull them off and on. Plus, the toddlers are at that phase where they love to do everything themselves.

Choosing the Right Size

Clothing sizes for babies and toddlers are quite different from shopping for adult clothing. It is often confusing because the sizes (typically in ages) are quite different from the actual size of the kid. By simply researching on the web, you can find clothing charts that define the height and weight of the child to their respective clothing size. By understanding the size chart can eliminate extra headaches and hassle when shopping for your kids. Typically the sizes of babies clothing, toddler clothing, and kid clothing sizes are as followed:

BABY SIZES – Baby Girl Clothing and Baby Boy Clothing

* Newborn – weight: 5-8 lbs., height: less than 22 inches tall

* 3 mo – weight: 8-13 lbs., height: less than 22-24 inches tall

* 6 mo – weight: 13-17lbs., height: less than 24-27 inches tall

* 9 mo – weight: 17-21lbs., height: less than 27-29 inches tall

* 12 mo – weight: 21-25lbs., height: less than 29-31 inches tall

* 18 mo – weight: 25-28lbs., height: less than 31-33 inches tall

* 24 mo – weight: 28-30lbs., height: less than 33-35 inches tall

TODDLER SIZES – Toddler Girl Clothing and Toddler Boy Clothing

* Size T – Chest: 19 inches, Waist: 19 inches, Height: 28 inches, Weight: 19 – 21lbs.

* Size 1T – Chest: 20 inches, Waist: 20 inches, Height: 31 inches, Weight: 21 – 23lbs.

* Size 2T – Chest: 21 inches, Waist: 21 inches, Height: 34 inches, Weight: 24 – 28lbs.

* Size 3T – Chest: 22 inches, Waist: 22 inches, Height: 37 inches, Weight: 28 – 32lbs.

* Size 4T – Chest: 23 inches, Waist: 23 inches, Height: 40 inches, Weight: 32 – 36lbs.

CHILDREN SIZES – Kid Girl Clothing and Kid Boy Clothing

* Size 1 – Chest: 19 inches, Waist: 19.5 inches, Height: 31 inches, Weight: 19 – 21lbs.

* Size 2 – Chest: 21 inches, Waist: 20 inches, Height: 34 inches, Weight: 24 – 28lbs.

* Size 3 – Chest: 22 inches, Waist: 20.5 inches, Height: 37 inches, Weight: 28 – 32lbs.

* Size 4 – Chest: 23 inches, Waist: 21 inches, Height: 40 inches, Weight: 37 – 41lbs.

* Size 5 – Chest: 24 inches, Waist: 21.5 inches, Height: 43 inches, Weight: 42 – 46lbs.

* Size 6 – Chest: 25 inches, Waist: 22 inches, Height: 46 inches, Weight: 47 – 53lbs.

* Size 6X – Chest: 25.5 inches, Waist: 22.5 inches, Height: 48 inches, Weight: 54 – 58lbs.

By: Luke Alberson

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