Will MICROSOFT Launch a 'LITE' version of WINDOWS 10?

Changes are on the way with Windows, but exactly what form it'li take remains to be seen. Fingers crossed for better updates in 2019, though.

microsoft windows lite version

Microsoft said back in 2015 that Windows 10 would be the final version of the operating system. That doesn't mean there won't be updates and upgrades- we've seen plenty of those over the past year- but that Microsoft is evolving its OS to work in a similar way to a web browser where the version number doesn't matter and most of us are automatically updated to the latest code.

That's a great idea for plenty of reasons - the OS is easier to support and the latest security patches can be quickly and universally implemented- but after Microsoft flubbed so many major updates this year, rolling out bug-infested code time after time, it's understandable if Windows users have become less keen on frequent, automatic updates.

Microsoft is potentially eyeing another technology- a lite version of Windows that's similar to Google's ChromeOS and designed for Chromebook-style laptops. This makes sense because Windows is a demanding and bloated OS that can overload low-budget laptops, maxing out the memory so they struggle to run software updates. However, reports indicate that Windows Lite is likely to be a version of the OS that's installed by manufacturers, rather than something users can download


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