Remove photo background in 5 seconds with the help of AI

Tuesday, January 01, 2019
smartphones with good camera quality significantly increased the craze for photography. Now Artificial Intelligence-based feature is available that will remove the background of your favorite photo in just seconds.
Remove image background

Snap a good photo is very easy with today's high-tech cameras, but after taking a picture many times there is a feeling that its background is not suitable. Or not suiting people standing in the background picture. In such a situation, the background needs to be removed, which is not an easy task.

Background of photos will be removed in seconds, in both mobile or computer

Although there are many free apps on both computer and mobile platforms, for editing or illuminating photos, but the background removal of the photo is a little technical process. That's real trouble. Here i will tell you about a website that will remove the background of your photo in only 5 seconds. You can do this easily on both platforms desktops or smartphones.

How To Remove Photo Background

The name of this website is here you can remotely remove the background of an image. this feature works on the basis of Artificial Intelligence.

To Remove Photo Background in 5 sec
➡ first, open the website on the mobile or computer's web browser.
➡upload the photo here with the option.

➡As soon as you upload it. In a few seconds, the original image and the image without background will be visible in the bottom. Now you can Download It.

Before and After

saurabh kumar

saurabh kumar rec sonbhadra


Till now It can only recognize the human face. In this case, it will only remove the background of the photo where the face is clearly visible. According To website owners, they are developing AI so that it can remove the background from all types of images.