Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2019

Top 10 technologies to learn in 2019
Technologies To Learn In 2019

1. Immersive Experience -Dive Into An Exciting World Of Mixed Reality

Why would I need this? 
  ⇨A collaboration of lots of new age technologies.
 Attention to detail: Little transformative things are what bring the setting to life.

 What should I learn?
 Data Science 
 Artificial Intelligence  
 And Lots of Creativity

2. Artificial Intelligence -Build a Better World with AI 

What's the fuss about? 
Modern companies require AI to create more efficient systems. 
Web development companies are updating themselves to AI based apps.

What's Trending in A1? 
A1 Personal Assistants 
Decision Management 
Natural language Generation

3. Quantum Computing -Quantum Mechanics At it's Best Form

How Close are We? 
Å lot of Tech Giants and start-ups are about to create 1st Universal Quantum Computer
They can analyze large quantities of data & spot patterns Blazingly fast 

What should I study? 
 Quantum Mechanics
 linear Algebra 
 Computer Science

4. Edge Computing-The New Frontier of the Web

'The Edge' in Edge Computing • 
Growing IOT data. soaring need for automation of business. 
Data is analyzed at the edge of the network 

What should I study? 
Internet of Things 
Cloud Computing

5. Digital Twins -A Real-Time Digital Replica of Physical Devices

What's New? 
Digital twin refers to digital of physical assets (physical twin). processes. people places. systems and devices that can be used for various purposes 

Business Applications

6. Cybersecurity -Protect Yourself And Your Data! 

What's the fuss about? 
Recent breaches have resulted in a revamped GDPR.
New Cyber attacks are being formulated every day.

What should I study?
Digitd Communication
Risk Analysis

7. DevOps -Process Of Continual Improvement

What's the fuss about? 
waterfall model is not good enough such competitive  environment 
There is a need to release small features more frequently.

 What should I study?
 DevOps Tools 
 DevOps Concepts such as IaC

8. Autonomous Things -Bring Physical Objects To Life

What's the fuss about? 
 Physical objects can exhibit intelligent behavior to interact naturally 
 All objects can make complex decisions autonomously. example: Self-driven Vehicles.

 What should I Study?
 Internet of Things
 Artificial Intelligence 
 Machine Learning

9. 5G Network -The Latest Iteration Of Cellular Tech 

What is it all about? 
The next generation mobile internet connectivity • 
A combination of cutting-edge network technology and research

What does it offer?
 Reliable Connection 
 faster Speed 
 Empnwers Internet of Things

10.Augmented Analytics -The next step in Data Analytics

The new Face of BI &Analytics
An approach that automates insights from data using machine learning&Natural language. • 
The purpose isn't to replace the decision-making process. but to support it. 

What should I know? 
Artificial Intelligence 
Machine Learning 
Natural Language Processing
Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2019 Immersive Experience Artificial Intelligence Quantum Computing Edge Computing Digital Twins .Cybersecurity DevOPS Autonomous Things 5G Technology Augmented Analytics technology in 2019 top trending technologies trending technologies in 2019
pic courtesy: Quark Magazine


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