6 Net banking security tips that will save your loss

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Regardless of whether you are a customer of the bank and use net banking, keep changing your online password regularly. Do not share the password with anyone and keep the password offline instead of saving online. Follow these tips for secure net banking too.
safe internet banking

1- Do not use net banking in public computers like internet cafes etc. If you do, be sure to delete cache and browsing history and temp files from the computer. Also, do not click on Remember ID and password in any browser during login. Apart from this, just fill the password on the site with the onscreen keyboard, the possibility of password theft will be very low.

2- Banks never ask for confidential and personal information such as your ATM PIN, birthdate, by phone or email. In this regard, the bank also sends SMS alerts. So if you get any such phone or email from the bank, never give the information about login details.

3 - Use your login id and password only on the bank's official login page. This should be a secure website At the beginning of the URLs of websites associated with Net Banking, it is always written as https: //. This is a sign of his security.

4 - Always use licensed anti-virus software in the computer from which internet banking is done. If not, viruses can steal important information or web data on your system.

5 - Secure use of internet banking is required to enter the address bar of the browser and type in the URL of your bank. Never click on the link sent in the email. If you enter information on such a fake website once, then the fraudsters can access your account and steal money from them.

6 - Many people save their debit or credit card numbers, expiry date, and CVV data, etc. on the site to avoid trouble from repeatedly entering the card number while shopping. Never do that. If you do this to avoid a little trouble, then you may have to suffer a lot.