HowTo Avoid Repeated Troubleshooting Notifications on Windows 10

welcome to tips4you.There are many advantages of Windows notifications that are repeatedly flashing on desktops or laptops because it offers many types of information, but sometimes it also bothers
window 10 notification

The notification alert in Windows is quite disturbed when you are doing some important work by meditating. If you want to focus on work and avoid notifications and its sound, then follow these methods.

Control Notifications:

If you want to stop the notification from coming in, go to the settings of Windows and its receiver can alter. For this, by going to the search bar on the taskbar, click on the notification and action settings. Here you will find an on and off option, which you can choose.

See only new notifications:

Often when a notification arrives on the system, a popup window shows on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Even if this alert has been missed, it is not a matter of concern. You can go to the Action Center and view all the notifications received by clicking the message icon at any time.

Check all notifications:

Keep the Action Center open on the system. Click the Clear All link to quickly check all open notifications in it. If you want to see these notifications in a little more consistent manner, you can see them one by one and address only the necessary message.

Open notifications  without seeing :

There is another way to see the message without opening notifications. Move your cursor over the message icon. This will show some part of the message. If the messages seem important then open it, otherwise leave it alone.

Just select selective notifications:

If you are worried about discounting any necessary messages by turning off all notifications, you can choose an individual app option. For this, go to the notification and action settings and select individual apps.

Do Quite Hours On:

If you have more problems with Notification Alert, then you can silent it through the over function in Windows 10. All this is possible with just one click. For this, you can turn on or off by right-clicking on the notification icon on the right side of the taskbar. There is also an option of the turn on quiet hours in this menu.

Touch Screen PC:

If you are using a touchscreen PC, it will be even easier to switch off or turn off. For this, just click the tab looking up and the action center will open. You can turn the Quiet Hour on or off.