Breathe app: Just a mobile app will give you relief and healthy lifestyle.

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  The Breathe app available on the iPhone is largely influenced by Indian Yoga. Just as there are long breaths for peace of mind and health, so in the Breath app, there are many such remedies which will help you to fight against angina.
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This app will bring relief to life

  The breathing app will help you keep your mind calm while feeling relaxed. This means that with the help of this app, you can reduce daily stress. This app will give you information via notification that when you need breeith. Also, you can also cetrate in how long you need Deep Breathing.

How to use

  It is also easy to use this app. In it you have been told very well about the method of breathing. You only need to close your eyes and take long breaths. So that your mind can stay calm and you can feel relaxed. There are exercises ranging from one minute to five minutes. Its specialty is that you do not have to select time or place to use it. You can use it anytime and anywhere.Not only this, through this app, you can also check your heart rate and know that you need Deep Breathing on your heart rate. You can also set a breathing reminder session to exercise daily. In this app you will also get feedback after use. In which you can know how much relaxation you have received using a breathing app.

Where to download:

It is available for iOS device. It can be downloaded from the App Store. Can use it for iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. This app is not available on Android but there are many apps available with similar features, including Stop, Breathe& think.

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