5G Technology will change our life:Future with 5G

After 4G launched in India, the smartphone world  changed completely. By the way,in first half of year 2020 and till year 2022  5G means Fifth Generation Mobile Network completely will be  in India. After this, believe that not just mobile, it will change your whole world. These are the 5 aspects of life that will change completely after the 5G.
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5G technology future

1- Home will become Smart Home

   The concept of smart home, we have been listening to you for a long time. But the truth is that even after 5G, the Hi-tech Security system, automatic electric and water system will start to work in common houses. With the help of this technique, people will be able to give command only after talking to their homes, such as refrigerators, TVs, AC's, ovens etc. Even if you are not present at home, you will be able to control the home appliances sitting away.If there is any emergency at home, you can call police, fire or ambulance through voice command.

2- The dream of the smart city will be the complete truth

Nowadays, the Smart City concept is working in India. There will be a big role of 5G in it. In cities, electricity and water supply, waste disposal and tracking, everything will also be automatic in traffic management. Their real-time monitoring will also be done. So that if there is any disorder in some place it can be fixed immediately.After 5G, the traffic system will also be able to monitor the speed of vehicles running on the roads by ground sensors. Along with the traffic interruption, traffic lights equipped with the 5G signal server will change automatically, so that the road congestion can be controlled.

3- Health monitoring will be automatic

In the future, 5g enzybed sensors can be implanted in the body or in the skin. And the 5G sensor special clothes will also be a part of the future. By these, any disease that develops within the body or within the outer part will be automatically monitored in the early stages.

4- Self driving cars will be more high-tech

So far, testing of self-driving cars has begun in the whole world, but after the 5G arrival, the AI power sensing of these cars will go up even more. every single self-driving car works only on Artificial Intelligence. After 5G, these cars will be easily available for low-cost sensor and long life battery devices.With the help of 5G sensors, the sensing capabilities of self-driving cars can increase significantly, so that they can run smoothly on crowded roads.

5- The work of office and business will be easy with IOT

IOT i.e. Internet of Things is a hi-tech method of technical work and communication in which the person with less technical knowledge can easily use all the tools by 5G. 5G will make such fast and easy work environment accessible. The advantage of this will be whether we will be able to work with your office or sitting in the house, with difficult and complicated work of the office with ease and speed.