Fix Corrupted Phone Memory Card

Nowadays all  smartphone users use memory cards in their phones. In these, users keep all the documents, including personal photos, videos in their phones. What will you do if your memory card ever corrupted?

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 If you do not know, then we tell you how you can fix your corrupted memory card. Well, know the main reasons of memory cards corrupted

fix corrupted memory card

How  memory card get corrupted?

  A big reason for the memory card being corrupted  is the smartphone. When browsing the Internet in the phone or downloading a third party app, if the virus ever arrives in the phone. This virus affects the memory card as well as the phone. It is believed that there is a high risk of viruses coming in Android devices, in such a way the memory card in Android device is quickly damaged.

How to recover a corrupted memory card?

  Before fixing the corrupted memory card, let's know that repairing the memory card is not easy, it can be corrected by formatting it. But on doing so, your previous stored data will be deleted.

Memory card will be clean and clear by following below steps:

First, connect your corrupted memory card to a computer or a laptop. You can use the card reader for this. After that go to the search box by clicking on the Start button on Windows. Now enter 'cmd' by entering it here. Now here you have to type a command to format the memory card. Type - (*: / fs: FAT32). After this here you will see the name of your memory card. For example, if the name of your memory card is xyz, then you will see xyz there.Then press the Enter button, then enter Y for yes and no for yes. If you click on Y, then your memory card will start to be formatted. After a few seconds your memory card will be formatted and empty. In which you will be able to save your data again.