Facebook Tricks : Track your usage time

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 Facebook launched this interesting features that you can track your usage time

If you do not see this feature, then you can update your Facebook app. This feature is for both Android and IOS platforms.
Facebook app new feature
Social media giant Facebook announced about a feature in June that allows users to track the time spent on mobile apps. Now Facebook has started it. Under this feature, users can track the time spent on the Facebook app. Just like the My Activity feature has been brought to the Instagram.

A graph will appear in the Facebook Dashboard feature so you can find out how much time you have spent on Facebook. Apart from this, you will also be able to compile from last week.

Significantly, Apple has also provided tracking features for iPhone users with iOS12. It shows screen time as well as there are many features in it. Google has announced similar features, not only Apple but also in Android.

Overall, you are addicted to social media and smartphones, then companies ask you to track how much you are using. The logic of companies behind this feature is that users do not get addicted and they can keep track of their mobile or social media usage.

how to use this feature

Facebook's Dashboard feature is for Android and iPhone users. To use it, tap on the Hamburger icon in the right side of the Facebook Mobile app, scroll down to here and go to Settings and Privacy options. You will see Your Time on Facebook here.

A graph will appear here and you will get the Weekly report how many minutes you have used Facebook. At the top, the average time will be seen as much as you used Facebook every day. It's 54 minutes in my case. Check yourself and tell us in the comments.