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Best wood chopping boards.. So before going mad and chopping with your knives,.how about looking to upgrade what old wooden cutting board you’ve been using for ever just look at it ,And there’s no need to be confused.getting a new chopping board It seems that the best ones are made by a cross cut know as end of grain chopping boards

They are also very expensive why is quite beyond me as they are made using the same amount of wood
Whether they could cut straight long or straight up and down (A japan cutting board is end of grain board ) and is by far the kindest to the edge of your knife. So a look at my websites and with a bit of luck you will find some at the right price ****I LIST MANY SORTS OF BOARDS****

Picture from ((

I would love to use a Japanese knife may be now’s the time for that. If so what cutting board material would be kindest to these Japanese knives? mmm! ,I wonder too..but why do I like high quality Japanese cutting boards..
About Japanese cutting boards.
I have seen them being used in Japanese restaurants. . However, I have I have seen them using professional looking Rubber Cutting Board. Rubber cutting boards IT SEEMS are getting increasingly popular in Asian kitchens any wayI have only”wooden chopping boards” here I like them best funny thing is I don’t Like raw fish Yours EDWIN T

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  1. Natural wood chopping board
  2. making a natural wooden chopping board
  3. Natural wooden chopping boards
  4. Solid wood chopping boards
  5. Engraved wooden chopping board

Ice fishing equipment


Ice fishing houses & Ice fishing accessories,.
As a sport ice fishing has been coming along in leaps and bounds,And I’am not trying to be an expert ice fishing on “IN ANY WAY ”
Yes have been fishing for over 55 years or more, but as of yet never actually done the sport,.This picture is at Tuscarora Lake (Erieville Reservoir) in Madison Co. by John McCarthy of Auburn. David Lassman / The Post-Standard

But I have been doing some research into this sort of fishing and on this site you will see
The results of all my endeavors as well the many hours of research and fun that went in to the making of this site that your reading now ,you will find a lot of help here,

As always if your planing to buy anything please read the reviews by clicking a link
But like I said the nearest I ever got to ice fishing is watching that wonderful film grumpy old men and i think it was grumpy old men 2

For all you out there planning to take up this novel sort of fishing ,It’s important to acquire all the proper ice fishing equipment and ice fishing accessories ,And as usual take the necessary safety precautions after all as the name implies is likely to be darn cold fishing in ice.
So maybe some ice fishing gloves too, would be in order.. YOURS,, Edwin T

Ice fishing equipment

Discount Sea Fishing Tackle


Before I start this web page ,,Salt Water Fishing Tackle , Let me say how much We enjoyed our trip to, My brother johns Sports fishing boat last week. As they say its just what the Doctor ordered. My brother john as been sports fishing down in Florida for 40 years and my wife maz and I both agree that the last trip we took with him was, with out a doubt absolutely the very best time we ever had aboard johns sea fishing Discount Sea Fishing Tackle

The experience you talk about was reminiscent of fishing in my native South florida ,,Where I would not hesitate to recommend ,You try Predator Sportfishing, Culture and Camaraderie go hand by hand down there in South florida . I highly recommended you visit K burley
Images courtesy of Amazon

It’s truly a day the family will remember fondly for years to come.
Johns coaching plus instruction were the thing that made it possible for our 14yr old to have some of the very best memory’s of his life with is family to cherish and take back to England with him, .
He”s still finding it hard to believe his CATCHING of a 400lb shark,,???,I’AM A FISHER MAN,,Right,

Any way back to this web page about discount sea fishing tackle

Contents at a Glance

  1. CATCHING of a 400lb SHARK
  2. Salt Water Fishing Rods
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Caring for your fishing tackle

Discount Sea Fishing Tackle


Baby Nursery Closets Organizers


Nursery Closets Organizers A MUST HAVE

A lot of people are sceptically about buying , Baby Nursery Closets Organizers, I know my daughter was at first but she had it set up in the nursery long before the baby was due, Along with all the wallpaper the Toy the babies cot and everything else,
They got to know the baby’s sex early so they can start on the room as soon as possible ,after she decorated the babies nursery from top to bottem and the baby closet organization just hadto fit in the color scheme,,This it did perfectly, you see it all had to be right and the baby closet organization was just a part but a good part of the setting up of the new baby’s nursery

Nursery Closets Organizers are a must have
As baby closet organization and baby nursery closet ideas,
Will make yours and babys life more fun
TO SEE This Nursery organizer CLICK HERE

Contents at a Glance

  1. A,Baby Closet Organizer Ideas Video
  2. baby closet organizer ideas
  3. Closet organizers babys room
  1. Closet organizers for babies
  2. Others sort there nurserys
  3. organizers for babys rooms

Wood sheds for sale

Do please feel free to check out and take a look this website of mine,If your looking for a wooden shed your at the right place,

So your here looking for a wooden shed,Then I’am sure that you will soon discover
That we have some of the most stylish shed well as the best prices for wood storage sheds on the web

There are plenty of shed options to choose from feel free to Check out the reviews and photos-galleries on our main site,
by just clicking on the links on this page,
There you will get a better idea of the type of Storage Building, shed ,out buildings, Kids Playhouses,and or wooden Building to fill your needs…Yours Edwin T

More about our “Wooden out buildings”

High quality, Wooden storage sheds , from my site

 Wooden storage shedsWooden out buildings. Built out of responsibly sourced timber ,
They are durable and of high quality Wooden storage sheds
That will look good for years To come in any garden.


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