Myth or Legend

Was The USA Started By ROBIN HOOD,

there is a tree is called the major oak ,
Its said to be the oldest Tree,in Sherwood Forest,
As a boy I’am told my grandpa  played in and on it many times
Also did the many of the Pilgrim Fathers I would think!
For it was old even then,

The USA Started Here
Myth or Legend ,! by Edwin T Woodland

Scrooby,a small and quite English village in Sherwood forest Nottinghamshire.
Its just a small village not much goes on there,,,  So who would have thought it was once a hot bed of revolt?”
there a reason to that is not well known even in England,as the links go way back to Robin Hood

Just for a second close your eyes and think you have a time switch you push the button on it,, Now  your standing in the main street of Scrooby village,
The year is about 1600.AD , its July and warm your and your standing outside  local inn your having a drink to keep cool its hot there in sherwood,

All about you are men and women dressed more or less the same as’ The Pilgrim Fathers did” But there in SHERWOOD FOREST going about there normal daily tasks ,
in Scrooby village, So after a good look about  You hit a button on your time switch you just happen to find in your hand for a second time,

And again for a second time you go back in time some years,
To say a warm july in or about the year about 1110 A D  or close

Your still sanding on the same spot ,you still have your drink ,
But now you find your self  in that very same quite English village
Scrooby, having a drink and a chat in old German (saxon english)   ,

this time your chating to Robin Hood,Or maybe some of is Anglo-Saxon woodsmen friends that lived in scrooby back then,DO you have it now !

Scrooby that small and quite English village is in Sherwood forest ,Where so many of the separatists that went on the mayflower also came from ,
Yes many of The Pilgrim Fathers did come from the Scrooby area, And are the same English stock as Robin and is men,

And It was  English Men and women many  from the Scrooby area that initiated the migration of the The Pilgrim Fathers to America in 1620 on board the Mayflower.

now I hope you understand  fully where the ideas of Freedom and Liberty,
came in to being, They go way back to robin hood and his men that lived out there life’s in the area in and about Scrooby,Saxon’s settled in the area about 500AD

It gives me a warm feeling inside as I wright this, knowing my grandpa was right in the story’s he told me as a child ,I think the world needs to know this,for my grandpa’s sake as he too came from the Scrooby area .

As for the legend of robin hood it seems to be be ture my grand pa never told me lies , His name was Thomas Smith and T in my name stand’s for Thomas after him

But maybe there where many robin hoods in Sherwood,in the past
For the Anglo-Saxons in that area of England ,Where often forced to become bands of outlaws just to feed there family’s by hunting and fishing in the forest.
For there own freedom and liberty,

As the Normans took all from them , Even the right to hunt in the woods for food,.
So it is no coincidence that many of these ideas of Freedom and Liberty, That first took root here in England and can be traced directly back to those

Anglo-Saxons whose (descendants) Centuries later with dauntless spirit and sense of adventure ,went on the mayflower the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’.

Years later there offspring went on to start the USA,

Sherwood forest back then, was a part of nottinghamshire and South yorkshire


Thank you for reading
Edwin T Woodland

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