Electric Pressure Washer COLD WATER

Electric Pressure Washer COLD WATER

There are so many options open to you for buying a power washer, But like with most things you buy,
It all comes down to getting The right advice and the right equipment to do a good job

And with pressure washers that’s a good job of pressure washing,Be it Your gutters, cars, carpets, or concrete you planing to wash

So If your seeking a top pressure washer to clean any item you have in mind,
How about taking the time to consider getting getting one that you can use to clean your entire home,
and your yard too YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE!!,

Fast and efficiently pressure washer will be worth your investment and pay you back many times over the years to come.from 2013 onwards

read our site for lots of advice and reviews.And Never buy anything without reading the reviews first
Edwin T



Hints & Tips power washer,S

Magnetic Lifter 1320 LBS

Magnetic Lifter 1320 LBS

There are many magnetic Lifter big boys toys these super strong magnets,, this one the NeoLift-660 Industrial Magnetic Lifter is really super strong a called magnetic lifters and they tend to be made of rear earth elements rare Earth magnets, this one would take a force of over 3960 lbs, to break the lift  and perhaps that’s a darn lot of, weigh to be lifting  even with magnetic lifters to be lifting

Also for safety reasons it can only be turned on and off by a self locking handle so it’s pretty safe for workshop and industrial use for that sort of work,, It’s not very expensive but it is extremely good magnetic lifters you can’t beat them,,
Why would anyone want to go back to block and tackle the six men do the job one can now do with these magnetic lifters

Magnetic Lifter 1320 LBS - Industrial Magnets

  • Design is New and  Improved a 3X breakaway
  • fully enclosed housing gives efficient, safe, and easy operations.
  • being a newly designed lifter it as  life spapace
  • self locking handle controler.
  • Lifting up to: 1320 lbs.  breakaway force is over3960 lbs (3X)

Industrial Permanent Magnetic Lifters Offer efficient, safe, and easy operations.

New & Improved Design

feel the power much more durable and stronger  the older lifters

 WE LIKE TO THANK    http://www.squidoo.com/where-to-buy-magetic-lifters

List Price: $ 595.00 or less


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magnetic lifters

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Magnetic lifters the permanent magnet type
Are a type of lifter most but not all have permanent magnets fitted,And can easily be taken from one site, to different work sites where ever you need them to be.

Magnetic lifters with Electromagnets
Then the other hand, use an electric supply to charge there magnets, and are generally run on DC current.as so Obviously, this type of lifter does need need a constant power supply as such will in most case’s be harder to move about ,

This site is engaged in offering some unique magnetic lifters and magnet equipment such as smaller lifting magnets that come fully utilized and are suitable for variety of industries.Our team is looking to find Small industrial magnets, and similar equipment,
We pick products for you to review on their durability, high strength and effective performance.And Our assortment of one piece stong magnets are of premium quality,

Yet it totally ideal for the small business or small workshops we don’t take my word for it click any link on the page and go look your self, I’m sure you can spare 5 min to get the right superstrong lifting magnet at the right price,,, yours Edwin T
ALL out Top quality Industrial Magnets, that are form reputed vendors lots more to review

magnetic lifters manufacturers



DEWALT DC970K-2 This compact drill screwdriver is what you need to get into those small and compact places this is most definitely the drill for you,,,You can get practically in any space with you know it’s like when you  can’t drill on the right spot, if your work when or a hobbyist even just a DIY person check this out

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit

  • DEWALT DC970K-2 fits into the tightest conditions
  • Lightweight design (5.2 pounds) minimizes user fatigue
  • High performance motor delivers maximum power of 380 unit watts out
  • DEWALT DC970K-2 Dual speed range, 0-450/0-1,500 rpm, delivers optimal performance
  • 1/2-inch single sleeve key-less ratcheting chuck for tighter bit grip

DEWALT’s DC970K-2 18-volt cordless 1/2-inch compact drill driver kit is perfect for the professional or just a perfectionist

List Price: $ 149.00


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