Whatsapp: 6 tips to keep your personal data safe

Sunday, November 11, 2018
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We are going to provide 6 ways to protect users' accounts. This will prevent hackers from tampering your account.
whatsapp data secure

Today, almost everyone uses WhatsApp. Through this, users can share text messages, photos, videos, personal data, etc. with each other. But if the user's account is hacked, hackers can hack any user's information. In such a way, we are explaining 6 ways to protect the users' accounts. This will prevent hackers from tampering your account.

Two-step verification:

   Two-step verification feature is provided in WhatsApp. This adds an additional layer to the security of the account. It can be activated by going to the phone's settings. For this, users will have to go to settings. After that go to the account and tap on the two-step verification tap on the activate. Users must set a 6 digit pin. Also, you will have to provide email address information. In this case, if the user forgets the PIN, then the PIN account can be opened via email.


   WhatsApp keeps a backup of user data in Google Drive or iCloud. This will allow users to download their old chats and media content whenever they install WhatsApp again. WhatsApp keeps the user's chat encrypted. But backup does not have encryption. That is, hackers can easily copy and read the user's back. In such a case, to deactivate backup, the user must go to settings. Then tap on the chats and tap Back on by choosing Backup. Disabling this feature will not allow users to recover their old chats.

Web version:

  If the user is using WhatsApp Web then he should make sure that the platform they are using is the official website of WhatsApp or not. Let us know that there are many such websites that claim to be the official website of WhatsApp. But they do not provide protection and user security like WhatsApp. If users are not using any device for WhatsApp, they will have to log out every session every time.


   If someone's phone number is saved in your phone then they can see your profile picture. You can also download your photo as well. At the same time, Google can take user information through image search. For this, users will have to go to settings and go to privacy by tapping on the account. Here users can block their profile picture so that they are not in their contracts will not be able to see your picture.


   There are several security features on WhatsApp. But still, users need to save themselves from scams. There are many messages on WhatsApp which give false information to the user. Hackers send these messages mostly to steal the user's account data. In such a situation, users should stay away from these messages.

Security code:

  Whenever a user starts a new chat Every WhatsApp chat has a unique security code. This ensures that chats and calls are end-to-end encrypted. Users should verify this security code. If the code is different then it will be ensured that a third party has read the chat. To check this, users will need to click on contact info by going to contact profile (from whom you are chatting). After this, Encryption will have to be selected. Even if the security code of the contact changes, the user will be given this information. For this, they have to go to settings and tap on the account and click on the security.