Twitter brings these special features for IOS users

Sunday, November 11, 2018
Twitter brings these great features for IOS users, Lets know what's special
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twitter bring new feature
  Twitter has launched an audio-only broadcasting feature, which will listen to your voice on your follow up, but you will not be able to see it. According to news agency IANS, The Verge report says that the company announced this feature on Friday, which is currently available for users of iOS. This feature is available through the main Twitter app and its live-streaming app periscope.

 To use the 'Audio Only Broadcast' option, users will have to update their app and click the 'Go Live' button. Watching the podcast industry emerging as a big business, Twitter has launched this feature to gain a bigger share in this market. The microblogging site is also testing the redesign, which will add the 'Explore' tabs and bookmarks to the desktop site as well as many other features.

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