Remove your number from Truecaller

Monday, November 12, 2018
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Want to remove your number from Truecaller, just follow this process.

remove truecaller no.

There are calls from many people on mobile all day long, which we and you do not know about. In such a way, people call them back to know who they are after? But now people also use Truecaller to find out the calls made from the unique number. Truecaller is an app that helps you find out the unknown phone number.

Many times it happens that Truecaller users want to delete their data but can not. Removing your data from Truecaller is very easy.By following a few steps, your number and data can be deleted. Here we are telling you the complete PROCESS.

truecaller problems

ūüĎČ First of all download the Truecaller app on your mobile. After that open it. The user will have to log in to the account from their account. Once you log in, then you have to go to the settings of Truecaller. Going to the settings, there will be a deactivate option in the account. Click on it.

ūüĎČ Users will then have to click on the link. Select your country name there and enter your phone number. Then insert the captcha. Now your phone number will be removed from Truecaller.Keep in mind that the company takes 24 hours to remove the phone number.