How to increase 4G Speed : JIO,AIRTEL, VODAFONE,IDEA

Friday, November 30, 2018
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4G speed is not good even after a good network is available, this setting for increasing your speed.lets know how to Increase 4G Speed In Mobile On All Network Airtel, Jio, Vodafone And Idea

Increase 4G Speed In Jio, Vodafone And Idea

Nowadays, most people have smartphones and all smartphones are with 4G support. In this case, your phone will have a 4G SIM card of Airtel, jio, Vodafone or Idea. In cities, the situation of a 4G network is fine but the village is very bad. Whether the network is 3G or 4G, if the speed of the internet is good then there is no problem but getting the speed on the 4G network gives a lot of anger because many times important work also stops due to this. So let's tell you how to increase the speed of the 4G network in Android smartphones today.

remove these harmful apps if these are in your phone

If fiber cable is used in place of copper cable in your area then the network will be good and speed will also be available. That's why jio  Speed is better than Airtel.let we know how to Increase 4G Speed In Mobile On All Network Airtel, Jio, Vodafone And Idea.

how to Increase 4G Speed In Mobile

If your Internet speed is slow then first check the phone's settings. Go to Network settings in phone settings and select the preferred type of network 4G or LTE.
how to Increase 4G Speed In Mobile

Also check the settings of Access Point Network (APN) in network settings, because the correct APN for Speed is important. Go to the menu of the APN settings and set the setting to the default.
how to Increase 4G Speed In Mobile

In addition, keep an eye on the social media in the phone. App like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are reduced Speed and consumes data too much. Go to their settings and close Auto Play video. Also, set the phone's browser in Data Save mode.