Chinese Company Launched First Satellite For Free Global Wi-Fi Service

Friday, November 30, 2018
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 Until two years ago, you were paying Rs.100 for 1 GB internet, but the situation has changed now. Now many companies are giving free internet as a trial and internet plans have become quite cheap but now a good day is coming, because soon you will get the internet free for the people of the whole world. is. This report will look at you funny but the truth is that there is a satellite launch with the help of which the internet will be provided free of cost to the whole world.

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China Launches Satellite for Free Internet In The World 

  A Chinese company has created the world's first satellite with the help this they provide free Wi-Fi service to the whole world. The name of this company is LinkSure Network. This company has set up its satellite in the Zhenghua Satellite Center and plans to launch another 10 such satellite by 2020. At the same time, a total of 272 satellites are expected to be launched by the year 2026. The launch of the first satellite will be the next year.

How to get free internet

After the launch of these satellites, people in any corner of the world can take the service of the Internet by turning on the Wi-Fi of their phones. The special thing is that even if your telecom does not offer internet service, you can still use the Internet in your phone through this satellite. This service will start by 2026. For this, the company has spent about Rs 3,000 crore Explain that companies like Google, Facebook and Space X are already offering free internet services in many countries of the world.