New Windows 10 Update Halted After It Wipes PC File

What happened? 

Window 10 update
    Microsoft has suspended the latest update to window 10 after reports of serious bugs, including complaints that it was deleting files from users PCs.

    Since launching window 10 in 2015, Microsoft has released 'feature' updates twice a year- in spring and in autunm - containing new tools and features. These are much bigger than the monthly security updates released on 'patch Tuesday'. 

    The tour 2018 update(version 1809) adds several new tools, including a cloud clipboard. But within days of installing it, you just complained that it had wiped moved files, such as photos and documents. It appears the problem has already been spotted by testers in the windows insider programe , who get previous of new versions of the operating system. The company says it has passed the roll out of updates while we continue to investigate reports from some customers.

       And that's not the only bug in the update- other users have reported compatibility problems with some Intel Display audio device drivers. Affected computer so a popup window listing 'what needs your attention'(see antilia 460error460). Microsoft has advised uses to click the back button and to stick with their existing version of Windows until the drivers are updated. 

How will it affect you? 

       If you have not yet updated, your files are safe because Microsoft has temporary post downloads and installations. If you have downloaded the update but are here to install it, microsoft advices against it, so you should wait for an updated version. 

       If you have installed the bed and are missing files, don't panic: Microsoft is offering support. First, advises You to" minimize use of the affected device" and contact it support service we are the windows get help app(which can be found in every section within settings); online at https:// support.Microsoft.Com/en-us/ contact us; or by phone at 03448002400

     Hopefully, your files will have just been moved rather than deleted. If so Dona Sarkar, head of Windows insider programe, said that Microsoft has" the tools to get you back to a good state". 
plus, report online suggest you can recover files using a program such as recuva( 

     As ever its wise to backup your files before you run and update. That's not to suggest that users who lost files are to blame for their predicament, but updates can cause many problems- often hard to predict- and a backup is a precaution worth taking.

What do you think? 

     With 700 million devices running window 10, some problems are invite able. There are numerous permutations of devices, files, configuration and settings, any one of which could trip up an installation. Even a small percentage of users having troubles is enough to Spark headlines. 

     That said, most users are prepared for the odd teething problem and interface Glitch, but deleting files is on a whole other level. In fact, it's the most severe problem we have seen for years. It will surely make more users deal installing future updates for several weeks, until the problem can be discovered and- hopefully- fixed. And if updates continue to cause such havoc, some users will steer clear of them altogether. How many people are already thinking about abandoning Windows for another operating system? 

     Microsoft has not said when a fixed version of the date will be available to download, that's good for the company to take its time and make sure there are no more bugs. 
We are certainly happy to wait..

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