Face Recognition Technology

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Face Recognition:

"Face up to the facts- you are being watched. But it could make life easier. "

face recognition technology

image courtesy : phys.org

What is it? 

   Technology that analyses a person's face in order to identify them.It 'reads's the face, weather live on video are from recorded footage or a photograph, then tried to find a match in its database. 

How can it do this?

      There are several methods, which some systems combined to maximize accuracy. The most common examines a faces feature a (or landmarks), such as the position, such as the position, size and shape of the eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw. Every face has about a t nodal points that computers can used to distinguish between the people. These include depth of the eye sockets and the distance between the eyes. 

 More advanced in 3D recognition. This processes better result because its not affected by changes in lightning, and can read faces from different viewing angles. Another technique, skin texture analysis, take a screen print of a person's unique lines, patterns, pause and spots. It's able to detect differences between identical twins, a challenge that normally defeats other methods. 

What's it used for? 

    Mostly to enhance security, particularly to sign users in two accounts. Like your fingerprints and Iris pattern, your face is a biometric indicator that's most impossible to fake. These look Set to replace passwords in the long term. 

But can't it also you be used in harmful ways? 

    Absolutely. Human Rights groups warn how it could be abused in authoritarian country like Russia, China Iran. But that's true of most Technology. China code, for example, use it to crack down on peaceful protesters; aur its police could use it to find a criminal in a concert of 60000 people. The trained,though, is to use facial recognition to improve life, such as by eliminating one of travelling biggest headaches. 

Which is ? 

  Queues at passport check- in. If it works properly, facial recognition should make it faster to get through the airport. Singapore Hitech Changi Airport plans to take this further by locating late passenger using technology that can check 1.8 faces in 3 seconds. Other momentous benefit include ruining missing children with their families. 

Where did that happen? 

   In New Delhi. Police identified 3000 missing children after comparing a photo database with images of undefined orphans in the Cities care institution. In Australia, meanwhile, the missing persons action network is encouraging Facebook users to add photos of missing people as friends, show the sides facial recognition tool might be able to find them. 

Should we be worried about Facebook facial recognition? 

   Possibly,In April it is started asking users in UK (and the EU) whether they want to turn on the tool which has been live in the US since 2011. Facebook analyses faces in Photoshop loaded by users in order to take them with the correct name. If its spots you in a photo, it will let you know. The site says it improves your privacy because you can report photos you don't want to appear in. 

How do I opt out? 

Facebook face recognition   Select don't allow 'Facebook' to recognize me in 'photos' and 'videos' you get the message about facial recognition.(see screenshot left). To double check, click the top right Arrow on your profile page, settings, then look for a face recognition link on the left. Click edit, then no. If the face recognition option is not there, it has not yet been added to
 your account.

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