The Spring Festival drive use GPS tip: trip before updated map

Article by Lilyqian

The Spring Festival drive use GPS tip: trip before updated map – Autos – Cars

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With less than two weeks to Chinese traditional festivals, the lunar New Year, here in the first to wish you happy dragon. Although it is now a real train ticket, but still not perfect solution to buy tickets, the difficult to go home of difficult, I believe that many home distance is nearly classmates have going to drive home, driving in the complexity of the high speed the way, this GPS are you using? Or use?

Today is a few long use GPS navigators problem for everyone to do a tip, the hope can let everybody journey home more smoothly, and at the same time during the holiday season some matters needing attention also were share to everyone.

Tip 1: pay attention to update the map

Pay attention to update maps, especially in the year 2011 are not updated map software friend needs attention, at present has replaced the naming of highway for letters + digital way, the old version of the navigation software name is not the same, will directly affect your use of the compass.

Updated map see early signs name right

Because the city of highway between change is less, so in that the highway navigator name has been changed to after the new, need not special cast in the Spring Festival to update, users can through the simulation navigation check, if long time not update will need to everybody take the time to update, lest the around the Spring Festival when use and cause unnecessary trouble.

Tip 2: where you want to go to save

During the Spring Festival if need to drive travel friend might as well before the Spring Festival are ready, with preservation of destination navigator function, we can use this function to need to place during the Spring Festival of preserved, so that they could travel anytime and anywhere called when the address, direct navigation.

Where you want to go to save

For example we during the Spring Festival got the welfare after card, choose a good bit of to the supermarket, or the actual situation to the city of large supermarkets, and then to address to be saved, so that whatever we then where, need to go to the supermarket shopping time can direct call this address.

The advantage of this is to make sure we can advance the destination, for example the supermarket so repeated degrees to higher ground, and on the search before use may be bad to confirm the actual to which a supermarket. And we can also will save the address of the house, so that no matter in the city which part of the feast and visits, go home of the time also can rapid calls.

Tip 3: pay attention to GPS also need protection

Before we had also reported about products in low temperature environment, appear the bad reaction, the problem most appeared in the north cold outdoor environment, so our users during the Spring Festival use navigators also need attention.

Cold winter electronic product does not work the man-machine must pay attention to keep warm

If there was no search star, or the star search very slowly, and usually use of the differences, we might as well try this shutdown reboot or RESET mode of operation, general in hardware no problem can solve the problem.

At the same time can be placed in a warm place called products, for example, air-conditioning outlet, let the product temperature return to normal working temperature, also can solve navigators failure happens.

Tip 4: with hidden GPS anti-theft security

We get off in a car or leave, must pay attention to the on-board GPS navigators take down in recent the author there had been a three friends say his car was hit, navigators was taken, although the product itself value and is not very high, but to be on the safe side, the user in the car some anything of value must be in place in time to get off is the locker or inconspicuous places, in case that thieves.

I not so cool anti-theft lock of honest in stowage box springs is

At the same time the automobile glass temperature is lower, the user will be the best navigators stent in use whole after take down into the locker, avoid low temperature of the cause of the weak stent suckers, in driving is accident will fall by the safe hidden trouble that direct driving.

And also can be in navigator locker ensure products are not exposed to the lower temperature environment, so get off the car, the item is a good receive essential good habits. Finally I wish you have a happy Spring Festival holiday

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