iPad 2 vs Kindle 3G: Which of Them is the Greatest eBook Reader You Can Buy?

Article by Marty Mason

iPad 2 vs Kindle 3G: Which of Them is the Greatest eBook Reader You Can Buy? – Technology

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The Kindle 3G is a distinct step forward from the second generation Kindle – it’s speedier, leaner and weighs less. To add some details… the Kindle 3g is 21% smaller than the Kindle Mk 2. Holding the device, what is immediately clear is just how much screen there is – it’s virtually just a screen. Amazon also tell us in their promotional blurb that their device is 15% lighter than the Kindle 2 and weighs in at 8.7 ounces. Bearing in mind that I don’t have my scales with me, I’ll just have to take their word for it. For me the difference between the 3G and 2 is barely noticeable. V2 had already been light. It’s hardly where the Kindle needs work.

Performance is a different matter altogether: Amazon has noticeably increased page speed. It appears much quicker, much more intuitive. The display also looks better, and the display contrast is a notable advance. Elsewhere, it has 4 gigs of memory and a far larger hard drive compared with the Mk2. To be precise it has a massive 100% more storage space than its predecessor, which it ought to be able to hold 3,500 books.

All of these alterations are welcome but the real selling point as far as Amazon are concerned is the built in 3G. The 3G connectivity allows users to purchase and download books wherever there’s a 3G signal. It needs to be added that the lesser Kindle 3, code named the 3 Wi-Fi, lacks 3G. Considering that the gap in price is generally between $ 40-50, I’d recommend the 3G – the opportunity to download so fast, so reliably, virtually anywhere you happen to be is a massive perk.

However not everything is so impressive. The battery life remains an area of concern. The promotional blurb promises roughly 10 days of use between charges. Ten hours would be more accurate. 7-8 hours even closer to the truth. If you’re planning to read an eBook during a long journey the Kindle may well not hold out untll the last few pages – which can be seriously irritating.

As good as the Kindle looks, it’s not close to the iPad 2. As far as making slick and gorgeous products no one can touch Apple. 241mm tall, 186mm wide and 8.6mm thick, the iPad 2 is the most stylish tablet on the market. The processing power has been powered up, the hard drive is bigger and the outer shell and architecture are both slicked up – but let’s face facts, aethetics was never the issue with the original iPad.

The weight of the iPad 2 is lighter than iPad 1 – but of course it’ll never be able to compete with. Another thing I noticed is that the speakers in this upgrade actually produce sound at a reasonable level – correcting possibly the oddest flaw with the previous model. Importantly that annoying typing lag has virtually been removed – it remains, but almost imperceptibly.

So, plenty of worthwhile updates from the first generation iPad, but how does it rate versus the Kindle 3G as an eBook reader?

To be honest, it doesn’t. The Amazon device is slighter, is lighter, has better anti-glare and a screen that doesn’t cause eye ache, is incredibly easy to download books. By a margin it’s the better eReader. However…. during the last year the iPad has outsold it by a mile. It’s put it on the canvas, returning to the boxing analogy. The critical explanation for this is quite simple. The iPad is not merely an eReader, it’s a laptop. Thus, my tip is straight-forward: if you want to buy an eReader, if it matters to you to have the finest eBook reader, if you can afford to buy a stand-alone eBook reader, then the Amazon Kindle 3G is the cream of the crop. However, if you don’t tick those boxes, or if you want a next generation laptop, then the iPad 2 is for you.

They are both great, but given that the criteria of this article had been to ascertain which was better eReader… well, it’s the Kindle 3G. All the way.

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